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FOMO cheat sheet: Greentown Labs

Illustration of a lightbulb with a map of the earth on it

Illustration: Sarah Grillo/Axios

More than a dozen startups pitched investors at the Greentown Labs climate tech summit in Boston last week.

Why it matters: If you're curious what ideas are coming to market, we've got the rundown, organized by category.

🏙️ Buildings

  • AeroShield: "Super-insulating" porous glass to insulate windows.
  • EnviroPower: "Smart" boiler that generates heat and on-site electricity.
  • MicroEra Power: Thermal energy storage tech that uses a "novel active material" that stores heat and cooling.
  • Spare-it: Waste-reduction tracking and gamified sustainability software for workplaces.
  • Zero: A platform for residential retrofits.

🌬️ Carbon capture

  • Mantel: "Molten borates" for liquid-phase carbon capture.
  • Skytree: Decentralized direct air capture technology.

🌾 Crops

  • Adaviv: Mobile sensor technology for monitoring cropland.

⚡ Electricity generation

  • Bodhi Solar: Software for solar-panel monitoring, customer service and business development.
  • GenH: A modular system to electrify nonpowered dams and canal heads, without any fixed infrastructure.
  • Sol Clarity: Transparent "electrodynamic" screens that remove dust from solar panels.
  • SolarKal: An online marketplace connecting organizations with solar energy providers.

💰 Finance

  • Raise Green: A crowdfunding and crowd-investing site for energy projects.

🏭 Industry

  • H2Ok Innovations: Software and sensors to track liquid systems and reduce water, chemical and energy consumption and boost production quality.

🚘 Transportation

  • MoveEV: A vehicle fleet electrification service.
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