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What we're watching, EV earnings edition

Illustration: Aïda Amer/Axios

There are hundreds of earnings reports coming. Here are the three we're paying attention to and why.

  1. Tesla: Vehicle order volume in Q1 could indicate whether customers are acting on the pressure to go electric amid rising gas prices, but order fulfillment numbers are still at the mercy of the strained supply chain. Unlike other EV makers, Tesla (TSLA: Nasdaq) hasn't closed its ordering function due to the disruptions. And with Elon Musk, there's always potential for a market-moving remark or two. Tesla reports tomorrow.
  2. Rivian and Lucid: Since both companies started delivering vehicles, they are among the only upmarket, EV-only Tesla competitors. If demand for EVs is outpacing what Tesla can fulfill, it's possible that could be reflected in Rivian's (RIVN: Nasdaq) or Lucid's (LCID: Nasdaq) revenue, although both face similar supply chain constraints. Rivian reports on May 11. Lucid's has not been scheduled yet.
  3. The hot messes of the EV world: Several public EV companies have weathered one hurdle after another, and many are worse for wear. We're watching Lion (LEV: NYSE), Lordstown (RIDE: Nasdaq), Nikola (NKLA: Nasdaq), Workhorse (WKHS: Nasdaq) and a host of others to see whether they can materially recover, or will ultimately be sold for parts. Look for a recap of this cohort once all results are in.
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