Feb 14, 2020 - Health

Podcast: Building safer cities

Pedestrian and cyclist deaths are commonplace in American cities, but there weren't any last year in Oslo, Norway, or Helsinki, Finland. Dan and Axios' Sam Baker dig into what it would take to make our streets and sidewalks safer.

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How to build a safer city

Illustration: Aïda Amer/Axios

Traffic accidents did not kill a single pedestrian or cyclist last year in either Helsinki or Oslo.

The big picture: The main ingredient in these cities' successes should not surprise you: They made their streets a lot less accommodating to cars.

Podcast: Local media's political play

Local radio and TV stations always expect a revenue boost in election years, but many didn't foresee the staggering spends of Mike Bloomberg and Tom Steyer. Dan and Axios' Sara Fischer dig into what this sudden cash infusion means for struggling outlets.

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Podcast: The next pandemic

China has confirmed nearly 3,000 coronavirus cases, a contagious respiratory illness that has caused at least 81 deaths, and there are five confirmed cases in the U.S. — as thousands of people travel each day between the two countries. Dan digs in with Ron Klain, who managed the Ebola outbreak response in 2014 under President Obama.

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