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Democrats' polling edge over the GOP is slipping

Voting booths
Voting booths sit at a voting machine facility warehouse. Photo: Drew Angerer / Getty Images

Three recent polls — conducted by CNN/SSRS, Quinnipiac University and Fox News —have shown Democrats losing their double-digit edge in generic congressional polling over the GOP. In two of the polls, Democrats experienced a double-digit drop in their lead from earlier polling.

Why it matters: There has been a lot of buzz about a blue wave that allows Democrats to retake the House in 2018, but these polls should give the left some pause. That's because Democrats will need to over-perform against a generic ballot to score big gains in the House since — as Nate Cohn at the NYT notes in a worthy read — gerrymandered congressional districts give the GOP a clear electoral edge heading into the fall.

By the numbers:


Quinnipiac University:

  • March 21: Democrats +6 — 49% to 43% for both the House and Senate.
  • December 5, 2017: Democrats +14 — 50% to 36% for the House and 51% to 37% for the Senate.

Fox News:


Why so many Chinese asylum seekers are stuck in the U.S.

Oppressive measures such as the “one-child” policy — and Beijing’s refusal to take back most people who are deported from the U.S. — has left the U.S. with more asylum seekers from China than any other nation.

Data: Department of Homeland Security. Affirmative asylum includes people who apply right away: defensive asylum includes people who were already in deportation proceedings. Chart: Andrew Witherspoon/Axios

Why it matters: This has long been a point of tension between the two world powers. Beijing blames the U.S. for enticing Chinese nationals to leave by granting them asylum, but the U.S. blames China for what they perceive to be oppressive policies and for making it difficult to deport people back to China.

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