Bolton's former chief of staff urges him to withdraw Trump admin book

National Security Advisor John Bolton with President Donald Trump as he speaks to the nation
Former National Security Adviser John Bolton at the White House in 2018. Photo: Mike Theiler/Pool/Getty Images

Former National Security Adviser John Bolton received scathing criticism for writing a "tell-all" book on his time in the Trump administration by Fred Fleitz, former NSA chief of staff, wrote in a Fox News op-ed Monday.

What he's saying: "Given the importance of protecting a president’s confidential discussions with his senior advisers, I strongly disagree with Bolton’s decision to release the book before the November presidential election and call on him to withdraw it from the publisher immediately," said Fleitz, who also served in 2018 as deputy assistant to the president.

What the top Democrats are offering the world

Photo Illustration: Sarah Grillo/Axios. Photos: Joshua Lott/Getty Images, David McNew/Getty Images, and Mario Tama/Getty Images

If a Democrat wins back the White House in 2020, they'll face steep obstacles to turning their domestic agenda into reality.

But, but, but: In foreign affairs, particularly when crises arise, they will wield immense power.