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New York to offer COVID relief payments up to $15,600 for undocumented workers

Photo: Ron Antonelli/Bloomberg via Getty Images

New York will offer one-time payments of up to $15,600 to undocumented immigrants who lost work due to COVID-19, the state legislature announced this week.

Why it matters: Part of the state's 2021-2022 budget, the $2.1 billion fund is the biggest of its kind in the U.S., signaling the state's progressive-driven agenda, the New York Times reports.

CBP picked up a record number of children at the southern border in March

An migrant girl from Central America in Brownsville, Texas. Photo: Chandan Khanna/AFP via Getty Images

U.S. authorities picked up a record number of unaccompanied children —nearly 19,000— at the southern border in March, U.S. Customs and Border Protection said in a statement on Thursday.

Why it matters: Crossings of unaccompanied minors are on the rise and are expected to continue for months, possibly reaching as many as 26,000 by September, Axios previously reported.

Apr 8, 2021 - World

Leaders call for calm after a week of unrest in Northern Ireland

Nationalists and Loyalists riot April 7 in Belfast. Photo: Charles McQuillan/Getty Images

Leaders in Northern Ireland Thursday called for calm and an end to the unrest that has rocked the country for nearly a week, AP reports.

Why it matters: Tensions between Protestants and Catholics in Northern Ireland have been rising since Brexit upset the political balance between the two, culminating in the violence the nation has seen in the last week.

Rep. Lee Zeldin announces run for New York governor

Representative Lee Zeldin. Photo: Ting Shen/Bloomberg via Getty Images

Rep. Lee Zeldin (R-N.Y.) announced Thursday he's running for governor of New York in 2022, vowing to "bring New York back from the brink and return it to glory."

Why it matters: Zeldin is a friend of the Trump family and could receive support from Trump himself, Politico reports, which would make the representative a more solidified challenger to embattled Democratic Gov. Andrew Cuomo.

Virginia lawmakers approve marijuana legalization

Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam. Photo: Win McNamee/Getty Images

Virginia lawmakers have approved Gov. Ralph Northam's request to legalize the possession and growth of small amounts of recreational marijuana starting July 1, up from the 2024 timeline that had previously been agreed to.

Why it matters: The move will make Virginia the first southern state, and the 16th in the nation, to legalize recreational marijuana.

Treasury details Biden's plan to raise $2 trillion through corporate tax hikes

Photo: Oliver Contreras/Sipa/Bloomberg via Getty Images

The Treasury Department released details on Wednesday of President Biden's plan to hike corporate taxes over the next 15 years to raise about $2 trillion for his sweeping jobs and infrastructure proposal.

Why it matters: The plan will likely serve as a roadmap as Democrats in Congress craft legislation to enact Biden's $1.9 trillion American Jobs Plan, which seeks to fulfill a range of campaign promises to fix the country’s crumbling infrastructure, slow the growing climate crisis and reduce economic inequality.

Trump: Georgia voting law doesn't go far enough

Donald Trump in Feb. 2021. Photo: Elijah Nouvelage/Bloomberg via Getty Images

Former President Donald Trump on Tuesday wrote in a statement that it was "too bad" that the GOP-sponsored law restricting voter access in Georgia "didn't go further."

Why it matters: The law has garnered widespread condemnation from civil rights activists, Democrats, and more than 100 businesses and CEOs for instituting stricter ID requirements and limiting the use of ballot drop boxes, among other restrictions.

Education Department to hold hearing as first step of Title IX overhaul

Secretary of Education Miguel Cardona. Photo: Drew Angerer/Getty Images

The Education Department announced Tuesday it plans to host a public hearing to discuss how schools handle sexual misconduct cases as part of a review of Title IX.

Why it matters: It's the Biden administration's first step in overhauling Title IX, after President Biden signed an executive order in March to review the law, including several controversial provisions put in place during the Trump administration.

Biden sets new April 19 deadline for all adults to be eligible for vaccine

President Biden. Photo: Michael Reynolds/EPA/Bloomberg via Getty Images

President Biden will announce Tuesday that he is moving up the deadline for states to make all American adults eligible for a coronavirus vaccine to April 19, CNN first reported and Axios has confirmed.

Why it matters: The announcement means states will be pressured to make all Americans 16 years and older eligible for the vaccine two weeks earlier than the original May 1 deadline, reflecting a growing confidence in the U.S. vaccination campaign.

Senate parliamentarian says Democrats could use budget reconciliation again

Photo: Jonathan Ernst/Pool/AFP via Getty Images)

Senate Parliamentarian Elizabeth MacDonough issued an opinion Monday that could allow Democrats to use the budget reconciliation process again in fiscal year 2021, a spokesman for Majority Leader Chuck Schumer's (D-N.Y.) said

Why it matters: The opinion increases the number of pathways for advancing President Biden’s agenda without having to end the filibuster.