Jul 30, 2019

Podcast: Which Democrats are able to break through the noise

Ahead of this week's Democratic Party debates, Axios looked at which presidential candidate issues and storylines are getting the most social media attention. Dan digs in with Axios reporter Neal Rothschild.

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Podcast: Trump's speech police

The White House is proposing having the FCC monitor alleged censorship of political speech on social media platforms. Dan goes deeper with Axios tech policy reporter David McCabe.

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Podcast: Democracy vs. dictatorship in Hong Kong

There's an escalating battle for democracy vs. dictatorship in Hong Kong, but it's unclear which side the U.S. stands on. Dan digs in with Axios World editor Dave Lawler.

Go deeper: More on China's possible next moves

Keep ReadingArrowAug 15, 2019

Podcast: Jay-Z's unexpected NFL play

The National Football League last week signed a multi-faceted partnership with Jay-Z, the rapper and business mogul who has loudly criticized the league for its treatment of former NFL quarterback Colin Kaepernick. It's a controversial business gamble for both parties, and Dan digs in with Axios Sports reporter Michael Sykes.

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