George Hood, a 62-year-old Marine veteran from Naperville, Illinois, recently set the Guinness World Record for longest abdominal plank at eight hours, 15 minutes and 15 seconds.

What he's saying: Hood discovered planking a decade ago and quickly got hooked. "It was a static exercise. There was no movement involved. I could put music in my ears at the gym and lay on the floor and plank," he told WashPost.

  • "I did it every day. I would blow things off to get my planks in. It was like sugar," he added.
  • "My plank is my best friend. Do I have a social life? No, not one to really speak of, because all I do is train."

The bottom line: You will never love anything as much as George Hood loves planking.

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Pope Francis condemns "tragic" killing of George Floyd

Photo: Grzegorz Galazka/Archivio Grzegorz Galazka/Mondadori Portfolio via Getty Images

Pope Francis condemned Wednesday the "tragic" killing of George Floyd, while praying for "all those others who have lost their lives as a result of the sin of racism."

What he's saying: "My friends, we cannot tolerate or turn a blind eye to racism and exclusion in any form and yet claim to defend the sacredness of every human life," the pope said to people in the U.S. "At the same time, we have to recognize that 'the violence of recent nights is self-destructive and self-defeating. Nothing is gained by violence and so much is lost,'" he added, quoting a statement from Los Angeles Archbishop José Gomez.

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Lindsey Graham on Mattis' Trump criticism: "You're missing something here, my friend"

Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) said Thursday that former Defense Secretary James Mattis' criticism of President Trump's response to mass protests in the wake of George Floyd's killing was "unfair" during an interview on "Fox & Friends."

What he's saying: "To General Mattis, I think you're missing something here, my friend. You're missing the fact that the liberal media has taken every event in the last three-and-a-half years and laid it at the president's feet."

Mother of George Floyd's daughter: I want justice for him

Roxie Washington, the mother of George Floyd's daughter Gianna Floyd, attends a press conference on Tuesday. Photo: Stephen Maturen/Getty Images

The mother of George Floyd's daughter spoke publicly on Tuesday for the first time, with their 6-year-old by her side, because she said she wants "everybody to know that this is what those officers took."

Details: "I'm here for my baby, and I'm here for George, because I want justice for him," Roxie Washington said at a news conference at Minneapolis City Hall, one week on from his death in police custody, as their daughter, Gianna, looked on.