Passing the title of "World's Richest"

This week the title of world's richest person changed hands twice, as fluctuations on the stock market saw Amazon's Jeff Bezos pass Microsoft's Bill Gates and then fall behind him once again. Here's all the people who have held that title over the past 35 years.

Note: Figures are adjusted for inflation; Data: Forbes; Graphic: Chris Canipe / Axios
  • Daniel Ludwig, the Manhattan tycoon whose shipping business reached 23 countries.
  • Gordon Getty once owned Getty Oil and is now a philanthropist.
  • Sam Walton, the father of Wal-Mart.
  • John Kluge, the television media mogul whose stations were precursors to Fox.
  • Bill Gates, the CEO of Microsoft who has held the title for 19 of the last 35 years.
  • Warren Buffett is widely considered the most successful investor in history.
  • Carlos Slim, the only non-American to hold the title in this time span, earned his fortune from a Mexican conglomerate.