Pai's limited contact with recipients of the subsidies he plans to cut

The FCC on Thursday voted to seek comment on a plan that would significantly limit the Lifeline program that subsidizes phone and internet service for low-income people. I asked FCC Chairman Ajit Pai how many conversations he's had with Lifeline subscribers. Here's what he said:

Quote"Gosh, I'm trying to think. Several — I can't think of — I obviously didn't ask them when I met with them, 'Are you a Lifeline subscriber?' We have had conversations in places like Mission, South Dakota and in Flagstaff on the outskirts of Reno. A great number of them, I would think."

Why it matters: Decisions affecting the Lifeline program are one of the few areas of tech policy that have a direct impact on millions of consumers who draw on its subsidies to access modern communications.