Dec 25, 2019

Notre Dame rector warns cathedral has "50% chance" of being saved

The back of the Notre Dame Cathedral on Dec. 24. Photo: Estelle Ruiz/NurPhoto via Getty Images

As Notre Dame Cathedral awaits restoration in 2021 after this year's devastating fire that destroyed much of the historic landmark's roof, the rector of the church said there's a “50% chance” the structure may not be saved, AP reports.

Why it matters: The scaffolding installed before the fire in April risks collapsing during clean-up.

“Today we can say that there is maybe a 50% chance that it will be saved. There is also 50% chance of scaffolding falling onto the three vaults, so as you can see the building is still very fragile."
— Notre Dame's Monsignor Patrick Chauve

Of note: The 855-year-old cathedral won't hold Christmas mass for the first time in 216 years due to its fragile state.

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Pope Francis at Christmas Eve mass: God loves even the worst of us

Pope delivers his homily during the Christmas Eve Mass in St. Peter's Basilica in Vatican City, Vatican. Photo: Franco Origlia/Getty Images

Pope Francis delivered a message to the world's 1.3 billion Roman Catholics during Christmas Eve Mass in St Peter's Basilica at the Vatican: "Christmas reminds us that God continues to love us all, even the worst of us."

The big picture: The BBC notes the Pope "alluded to the clerical abuse" and "financial scandals" when he said: "Whatever goes wrong in our lives, whatever doesn't work in the Church, whatever problems there are in the world, will no longer serve as an excuse ."

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Texas church security volunteer who shot gunman was trained reserve deputy

An FBI agent at West Freeway Church of Christ after a shooting during services on Sunday. Photo: Stewart F. House/Getty Images

The Texas church security volunteer who killed a gunman after he opened fire during a Sunday morning service was identified on Monday as Jack Wilson, a trained reserve deputy, per CNN.

What they're saying: Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton said that Wilson "had significant training, had his own shooting range, had taught other people how to shoot, had taught many people in this church how to be prepared" and "ultimately saved the lives of maybe hundreds of people" with his actions.

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AP: Over 900 clergy accused of child sexual abuse absent from dioceses' lists

Pope Francis holds a 'Protection of Minors in the Church' meeting in February 2019 in Vatican City. Photo: Franco Origlia/Getty Images

Over 900 clergy accused of sexually abusing children are not included in dioceses' public lists of those credibly accused, AP reports.

The big picture: Sexual abuse and misconduct within the Catholic Church is a global problem that has persisted for decades. Pope Francis recently unveiled rules to make the Church accountable for reporting allegations of abuse.

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