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Nikki Haley: New round of Russia sanctions are coming Monday

U.S. ambassador to the UN Nikki Haley said on CBS' Face the Nation that the Treasury Department will announce new sanctions against Russia tomorrow. According to Haley, the sanctions are set to "go directly to any sort of [Russian] companies that were dealing with equipment related to Assad and chemical weapons use."

Quote Right now [the Russians] don't have very good friends and ... the friends that they do have are causing them harm.
— Nikki Haley on Russia's cooperation with Syria, Iran and Venezuela

Haley also appeared on Fox News Sunday and told host Chris Wallace that the joint strikes against Syria from the U.S., the U.K. and France "put a heavy blow into their chemical weapons program, setting them back years. I'm sure that it's gonna take them a lot to recover from it."

Go deeper: Check out a map of where the airstrikes hit Syria.

Her full quote...

"So, basically, we will watch his actions. He now dictates his life, and he dictates what happens between the United States, our allies and his regime. And so, hopefully, he has gotten the message. It was a pretty strong message. Not only did we go after their absolute strongest research facility, we went after their storage units where they hold the products, and we went after their production. So we put a heavy blow into their chemical weapons program, setting them back years. I'm sure that it's gonna take them a lot to recover from it."
Alayna Treene 3 hours ago
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Photos: Mike Pompeo poses with Kim Jong-un

Hours after Mike Pompeo was confirmed as the 70th secretary of state, Press Secretary Sarah Sanders sent out a congratulatory tweet with new photos of him shaking hands with Kim Jong-un from their Easter weekend meeting.

Timing: The photos were released ahead of an anticipated summit between the president and the North Korean leader, who Trump said has been "very open" and "very honorable" to potential talks.

Khorri Atkinson 4 hours ago
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Armenia to choose new leader after protests forced out PM

Armenia's former president Serzh Sarkisian at a session of parliament in Yerevan.
Armenia's former president Serzh Sarkisian, who resigned this week, at a session of parliament in Yerevan. Photo: Karen Minasyan/AFP/Getty Images

Just three days after protests forced Serzh Sarksyan to resign as Armenia’s prime minister, the country’s parliament said Thursday it will hold a special session to choose a new leader on May 1, The Guardian reports.

Why it matters: This is a major victory for the opposition party, and opposition leader Nikol Pashinyan appears to be the favorite. But the ruling Republican party holds a majority of seats under acting prime minister Karen Karapetyan. Sargsyan, who served for more than a decade as the country’s president, sparked a wave of demonstrations after taking on the role of prime minister.