Good morning … Barring any huge surprises, Congress is likely to repeal the individual mandate this week. I know you know that. It's just kinda crazy that, after so many failed attempts, it's actually happening.

Clarification: In last Thursday's Vitals, I wrote about a survey that found a stark increase in the number of ads being run by health insurance companies. Although that spike has coincided with the end of federal outreach for, the survey tracked all health care advertising — not just marketing for policies sold through the individual market.

What else we're watching this week:

  • Funding for the federal government runs out Friday. A deal to avert a shutdown is tied to renewing federal funding for the Children's Health Insurance Program and action on the ACA's device and insurance taxes. Those issues likely won't be resolved until next year, but that overall set of negotiations will need to advance this week.
  • And we'll likely get final enrollment totals for

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