Good morning, and Happy Friday! This is Caitlin Owens, reporting from an airplane somewhere between the Rockies and D.C. Don't forget to send your flattering emails to David letting him know how much you've missed him. But before you do that, here's your Colorado dispatch, featuring a more detailed look at what's going on at those GOP town halls.

Quick programming note: Vitals will be on a special spring break schedule next week — it'll come out on Tuesday and Thursday. We're expecting a slow health care news week, and we don't want to clutter your inbox with stuff you don't need. We'll be back to the daily schedule the following week — just in time for the House to come back and pass Trumpcare!

What we're watching next week: More GOP town halls, first-quarter earnings reports and whether anyone follows through on all the lawsuit threats over insurer subsidies and the CMS rule.

Thanks for reading my first-ever Vitals and enjoy your weekend! Hit me up with news, tips, and feedback: