Good morning … The Oscars are adding a new category for “Best Popular Film” while pushing some of the awards for actual artistic achievement into the commercial breaks.

Is this for you? Are you the broken soul who looks upon this cash grab and thinks: Yes, it's about time all these superhero franchises got some attention! Yes, commercial success should be a factor in gauging artistic merit! Yes, I’m so tired of the Academy rewarding low-budget indie films like “The Lord of the Rings” and “Titanic”!

Well, congrats. We all now live in a nightmare of your perverse design.

What we're watching today: HHS Secretary Alex Azar speaks to ALEC, the conservative advocacy organization (12:30 pm; livestream).

What's the greatest robbery in Best Picture history? I gotta go with 1976, when "Rocky" beat out "All the President's Men," "Taxi Driver" and, most criminally of all, "Network." But 1997 and 2007 were also grave miscarriages of justice.

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