Good morning ... You didn't really think Republicans would just walk away from Obamacare repeal, did you? And they're not, but that doesn't mean there's been a breakthrough. Meantime, keep an eye on those National Institutes of Health budget cuts.

What we're watching today: House Appropriations Committee Labor/HHS subcommittee hearing on the HHS budget, featuring testimony from HHS secretary Tom Price, 10 a.m. Eastern. Livestream here. Trump hosts listening session on opioid and drug abuse, 11 a.m. Eastern. Senate Aging Committee hearing on Alzheimer's disease, 2:30 p.m. Eastern.

What we're watching next week: House Energy and Commerce oversight subcommittee hearing on health care cybersecurity, April 4.

Thanks for reading, and lemme know if you see any Zombie Trumpcares stumbling down the street: