Good morning … Vitals and I are celebrating our anniversary today. It’s been exactly a year since I, Axios’ 62nd employee, starting sharing this newsletter with David Nather, Axios' 9th employee. Now we’re 112 strong — just yesterday, we officially outgrew our co-working space and moved into fancy new digs of our own.

Many thanks to all of you who have been loyal readers over the past year, especially those of you who write in to point out typos or offer your thoughts on what we’re covering. Your feedback is part of what keeps this job fun. Keep it coming!

Correction: Yesterday's Vitals misstated the number of states that have not expanded Medicaid eligibility.

  • At this moment, it's 19 states. Once Virginia's expansion is finalized, it'll be 18. Maine has passed the expansion but hasn't actually enacted it yet; if and when that happens, the total will fall to 17.
  • I apologize for the error.

What else am I doing wrong? I'm a glutton for punishment so feel free to pile on: