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🐾 Today's issue is going to the dogs, because we can't get enough of the custom spaces we're seeing for pets these days.

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1 big thing: 🚿 Pet-pampering home design

a goldendoodle sitting in a blue bedroom full of toys
Artie's room. Photo: Courtesy of Britta Diem

Willmar goldendoodle Artie has a "dood cave" stocked with toys, family photos, a ball pit and a tunnel.

Why it matters: Artie's dog mom is part of a cohort of pet owners who are increasingly eager to cater their home to pups, cats and other companion animals.

Driving the news: Searches for "pet bedroom" on Pinterest rose 132% from October 2022 to October 2023.

  • There was also a surge in searches for other pet-friendly designs, including dog shower utility rooms and DIY cat patios, according to data the platform shared with Axios.

Zoom in: "I had an extra room to spare, and with long winters, I thought it would be fun to create a space for Artie and us all to play," Artie's owner Britta Diem says.

  • She painted rows of triangles on the walls, using rulers and "lots of math."

What they're saying: Retiring Minneapolis City Council Member Lisa Goodman hired a contractor to build a dog wash in her basement.

  • A removable faucet and stairs leading up to the bathing area are key so she doesn't have to pick up Milli, her 50-pound English sheepdog poodle mix.
  • "If I use it extensively, it would pay for itself over time, because I had been going to places where I washed my dog myself, in addition to grooming, several times a year," Goodman tells Axios.

Such spaces can also be therapeutic. Ralph Bernstein's rescue dog, Helen, is blind and "can be dog-aggressive, which means that she can't share living space with our other two dogs," he says.

  • When they moved into a new house, the Bernsteins set aside a lower-level bedroom for Helen, featuring a dog door out to the patio and a dedicated music player for the jazz-loving pup.

The latest: The global market for pet accessories is expected to reach $55.4 billion by 2030, according to a new report.

The bottom line: A growing share of consumers view pets as family members, Jeremy Canade, co-founder and CEO of pet product company Fable, tells Axios.

  • Pet lovers "are looking for the same things they look for in their own products: quality, function and sustainability," Canade says.

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2. 🐾 Who's being pet-fluenced

Data: National Association of Realtors; Chart: Axios Visuals
Data: National Association of Realtors; Chart: Axios Visuals

Nearly one in five recent homebuyers say they factored in proximity to parks and the vet when picking a neighborhood, according to a new report.

Zoom in: Unmarried couples were the most influenced by their pet's needs when buying a home, per the report by the National Association of Realtors.

Go deeper: Dine out with your dog at these three Twin Cities restaurants

3. 🐕 Our best hack

A photo showing a toddler climbing through a storm door

Kirby wasn't the only one who ended up using the dog door. Photo: Torey Van Oot/Axios

👋 Torey here, with an affordable, game-changing home upgrade for dog owners with a fenced-in yard.

  • When my husband and I started house hunting in 2018, one of our top wish-list features was a yard that we could fence in.

Why it mattered: We had a very large and very active golden retriever. After five years of living in apartments in New York and the North Loop, we were ready for a break from early-morning and late-night potty walks, especially in Minnesota winters.

Yes, but: Once we moved in, we discovered a hiccup to this aspect of homeowner life: The dog wanted to go in said yard all the dang time.

What we did: Spent about $300 on a new storm door with a dog flap and installed it ourselves.

Reality check: It wasn't all sunshine and rainbows. More access to the yard meant more trampling of grass, digging of flower beds, and, occasionally, more barking.

The bottom line: Kirby, now 11.5, uses his dog door every day and loves running around the fenced-in yard. To us, that's worth it.

4. ✨ A sweet setup to go

custom dog crate and storage area
Chase and Sunny's space. Photo: Courtesy of Tim Olsen

Woodbury homeowner Tim Olsen had a closet company install a custom nook for pups Chase and Sunny.

How it works: The toe-kick drawer slides out to reveal the dogs' bowls, and the others are loaded with shampoo, leashes, treats and more supplies, he tells Axios.

5. 🏠 Your success stories

Illustration of a repeating pattern of houses made out of hundred dollar bills.

Illustration: Aïda Amer/Axios

If you recently bought a home, we want to hear how you navigated this wild market.

  • Did you take advantage of a mortgage rate buydown?
  • Score a deal on a house that sat on the market for weeks?

Email [email protected] or hit reply with your name and hometown. We might feature your insights in an upcoming newsletter.

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