Feb 11, 2021

Axios PM

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Situational awareness:

  1. Disney+ crushed expectations in Q4 and now has 94.9 million subscribers.
  2. “President Biden is expected to announce Thursday afternoon that his administration has secured deals for another 200 million doses of coronavirus vaccine as promised last month, according to three people familiar with the matter who were not authorized to discuss it.” — WashPost
1 big thing: The trial turns to Republicans
From today's presentation by House Manager Diana DeGette. Photo: Senate TV via AP

House impeachment managers today told how the Capitol siege terrorized the workers who take care of and protect members of Congress, Axios' Glen Johnson reports.

That included Black police officers repeatedly being called the n-word and janitors having to clean up blood and feces left by the rioters.

  • Rep. David Cicilline (D-R.I.) recounted the injuries suffered by Capitol Police: one who died as a result of the attack, two who took their own lives as a result of it and others who have admitted to considering "self-harm."
  • He also told of 20-something staffers, who recounted harrowing tales of hiding from insurrectionists pounding on office doors.

What's next: There is broad agreement among Republicans as well as Trump’s team to end the impeachment trial as early as possible, given the beating they’re taking from the media and the strength of the Democrats’ presentation, Axios' Alayna Treene tells me.

  • Many lawmakers have begun feeding the notion that the trial will wrap on Saturday to reporters “in an effort to speed things along,” a senior congressional aide told Axios.

Several GOP senators have also rallied around the notion that the managers’ presentation is beginning to lose credibility, and that it’s becoming far more political. 

  • “Today was not connecting the dots,” Sen. James Lankford (R-Okla.) said.
  • “It's just redundancy, the same thing over and over again,” Sen. Jim Inhofe (R-Okla.) told reporters. “To me, they're losing credibility the longer they talk.”

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2. Pic du jour
Photo: Hector Retamal/AFP via Getty Images

A giant ox lantern adorns a park in Wuhan, China, for Lunar New Year, which begins Friday.

3. Catch up quick
  1. The federal government's total debt is expected to exceed the size of the U.S. economy this year, not counting upcoming stimulus, said the Congressional Budget Office. Go deeper.
  2. President Biden said his call with China's Xi Jinping lasted two hours.
  3. Five more people associated with the Proud Boys face charges over their alleged involvement in the deadly Jan. 6 Capitol siege. Go deeper.
  4. 🎧 Axios Re:Cap digs into the economics and politics of the federal minimum wage. Listen here.
4. 1 fun thing: "Seltzer fatigue"
Photo: Babe Rose

Here's a new one: Anheuser-Busch brand Babe launched Babe 100 Rosé, a canned sparkling wine that imitates the low sugar delivery of hard seltzers.

  • "We wanted to balance the scales a little for what people define seltzer as today," Chelsea Phillips, general manager of the Babe brand, told USA TODAY.
  • "There is something we call 'seltzer fatigue' in our office; we're also all interested in seltzer, but we're kind of tired of the taste profile."