Jan 24, 2020

Axios PM

By Mike Allen
Mike Allen

Happy weekend! Today's PM — edited by Justin Green — is 396 words, a 2-minute read.

1 big thing: Impeachment trial's next phase

Photo: Senate TV via Getty Images

House Democrats are about to hit the wall of Mitch McConnell's Senate.

  • The impeachment managers are using their remaining hours to hammer in the reason that calling new witnesses and producing more documents is a vital task.
  • But in the chamber, senators who started the trial as dutiful note takers seem to be shifting their focus to President Trump's team tomorrow, Axios' Alayna Treene reports.
  • Even top Senate Democrat Dick Durbin acknowledged to the N.Y. Times he's “skeptical" that the "phenomenal" arguments from Rep. Adam Schiff moved any Republican votes.

Why it matters: The White House starts its defense tomorrow with an abbreviated Saturday session, 10am to 1pm ET.

  • Earlier today, Trump complained about the Saturday session, claiming it'd dampen ratings.
  • But his attorney Jay Sekulow says the short session was driven by the Senate, not White House.

Between the lines: Today's big news happened outside the chamber, where lawyers for Rudy Giuliani's associate Lev Parnas claimed there's a recording of Trump discussing a desire to fire the ambassador to Ukraine.

  • Lev Parnas' lawyer Joseph Bondy told The Daily Beast that Parnas' former business partner Igor Fruman recorded the exchange. The two men were arrested in October on campaign finance charges.
  • ABC News originally reported today it reviewed the recording, which Axios has not obtained or reviewed.

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Bonus: Pic du jour
Photo: Mark Wilson/Getty Images

Above: People gather for the 47th March For Life on the National Mall.

Below: President Trump became the first president to speak at the rally.

Photo: Mark Wilson/Getty Images
2. What you missed
  1. Two Europeans have been diagnosed with the coronavirus, which has multiple Chinese cities on lockdown. Go deeper.
  2. 34 U.S. troops were diagnosed with traumatic brain injuries following Iran's attack on U.S. bases in Iraq on Jan. 7.
  3. Taylor Swift says in a forthcoming Netflix documentary that she wishes she had commented on politics for the first time in 2016, to help defeat President Trump. Go deeper.
  4. The Trump administration is threatening to cut California's federal health care funding if it continues to require that insurance plans cover abortion. Go deeper.
  5. Four years after the federal government recalled tens of millions of Takata airbags for dangerous defect, 16 million airbags remain unrepaired. Go deeper.
3. 1 🌡 thing

"In a new study, researchers from Stanford University argue ... the average normal human-body temperature is closer to 97.5 degrees Fahrenheit," The Wall Street Journal reports.

  • “People are taller, fatter and live longer, and we don’t really understand why all those things have happened,” Stanford's Julie Parsonnet told The Journal.
  • “Temperature is linked to all those things. The question is which is driving the others.”
Mike Allen