Feb 21, 2020

Axios PM

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Scoop: President Trump has empowered new White House personnel chief Johnny McEntee — whom he considers an absolute loyalist — to purge the “bad people” and “Deep State," Jonathan Swan and Alayna Treene report.

1 big thing: Bernie's massive Gen Z firewall

In the last two months, Bernie Sanders has surged 20 points among college students to become the group's clear 2020 favorite, according to a new College Reaction/Axios poll.

By the numbers: Sanders has risen from 15.5% in September to 22.5% in December and is now at 42.3%.

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Data: College Reaction; Note: ±3.4 margin of error; Chart: Axios Visuals

Why it matters: The numbers reflect the extent to which young Democratic voters are embracing socialism and rejecting moderate choices, Axios' Neal Rothschild reports.

Between the lines: An NPR/PBS NewsHour/Marist poll this week laid bare the weak support for moderate candidates among Democrats and Democratic-leaning independents 45 and under.

  1. Bernie Sanders: 54%
  2. Elizabeth Warren: 16%
  3. Mike Bloomberg: 8%
  4. Joe Biden: 6%
  5. Pete Buttigieg, Amy Klobuchar: 5%

Flashback: Recent polling shows that 70% of millennials would vote for a socialist, compared to 36% of baby boomers and 33% of the silent generation.

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Bonus: Pic du jour

Photo: Cindy Ord/Getty Images for SiriusXM

Speaking of the youths, K-pop boy band BTS was in New York City.

Go deeper: BTS fans flood publishers with Twitter engagement

2. Catch up quick
  1. AOC's PAC endorsed a slate of 2020 candidates, including a number of women of color, in races across the country. Go deeper.
  2. Of the 138 women who joined all-male California boards last year, 62% are serving on their first company board. Go deeper.
  3. The weekend's biggest sporting event is Wilder-Fury II, a boxing match starring arguably the two best heavyweights in the world. Go deeper.
  4. Scoop: Lyft has acquired Halo Cars, a small startup that lets ride-hailing drivers earn money via ad displays mounted atop their cars. Go deeper.
3. 1 fun thing
Image: Restoration Games

It's not just movies: Gen X board games are getting a reboot too, Bloomberg reports.

  • Restoration Games "is remaking and reissuing some of the treasured games of old — both for wistful Gen Xers and their more discerning children," Bloomberg notes.
  • The company was "founded in 2016 to secure the rights to classic game titles and reintroduce them with updated rules."
  • One example is Fireball Island, which first came out in 1986.
  • Another is Return to Dark Tower, which "incorporates an app into gameplay, and its tower — with glowing symbols that reveal enemy locations and assign quests — is more complex than that of the old version."

The bottom line: “You see this in movies, Broadway, television: the constant rebooting of things from the past. Board games are really no different.”