Nov 24, 2017

Axios PM

1 big thing: Terror in Egypt

An explosion at Friday prayers, followed by a hail of gunfire as worshippers fled, left at least 235 people dead and 109 wounded in North Sinai, Egypt.

  • Four gunman opened fire on the mosque from off-road vehicles, and used flaming cars to block escape routes, per AP.
  • No group has claimed responsibility, but the mosque was frequented by Sufis, a sect often targeted by ISIS.

Two tweets about the attack were posted to President Trump's account. The first, which reportedly came while he was golfing, condemned the attack and expressed the need to "discredit the extremist ideology" behind it.

The second came three hours later and said, "We have to get TOUGHER AND SMARTER than ever before, and we will. Need the WALL, need the BAN!"

Meanwhile, new research into ISIS recruitment methods finds that the group targets westerners with messages claiming they can become heroes, like Bruce Willis in "Die Hard."

  • "It's the heroic screenplay journey, the same thing that's in 'Wonder Woman,' where you have someone who is learning his or her own powers through the course of their reluctant journey to be hero," Robert Pape, director of the Chicago Project on Security and Threats told the AP.
2. What you missed
  1. Staying put: Half as many people moved last year as was typical 50 years ago. Reasons.
  2. A climate change: The Trump administration is backing an Obama-era policy on greenhouse gasses. Details.
  3. Surprise announcement: Turkey says Trump told Erdogan he'd stop arming Syrian Kurds. Fallout.
  4. Watching evolution: In a first, scientists have documented a new species evolving in the wild. The bird.
  5. No returns: Rather than coal, a Swedish power plant is burning H&M clothes. Why.
3. After Black Friday...

Black Friday sales are looking robust, but there are dark days ahead for brick-and-mortar retail, and a record 6,000 stores have closed this year alone. Scroll through our custom stream on the future of retail in the Amazon economy.

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