Nov 23, 2017

Axios PM

Happy afternoon. I hope you're enjoying your 🦃 day, and the long weekend ahead. PM is short and sweet today, so you can get caught up and back to relaxation.

1 big thing: Trump Thanksgiving

President Trump stopped by a Coast Guard station in Florida today, saying he was "very proud" of the entire branch, particularly after rescue efforts from Hurricane Harvey:

  • "If you were looking at it as a brand, there's no brand that went up more than the Coast Guard, with what happened in Texas."
  • Trump also addressed U.S. service members stationed abroad by video conference today, telling them they're "very, very special people to me, and to everyone in this country."
  • His overall message: The military is succeeding because he's letting them "fight to win," and the economy back home is doing great too.

The Trumps' Thanksgiving Day menu, per the White House pool: "turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes and gravy, sweet potatoes w marshmallows, a variety of baked goods, local produce and cheeses, red snapper and Florida stone crab."

2. What you missed
  1. Vice President Mike Pence is planning to give a landmark speech at the Knesset — the Israeli Parliament — during his trip to Israel in Mid-December. Details.
  2. Zimbabwe's military has granted ousted dictator Robert Mugabe immunity from prosecution and guaranteed the safety of his family. More.
  3. Trump's politics-first approach to sexual misconduct allegations. The background.
  4. For the first time, scientists have used a cell to record what happens in the world around it. They were able to retrieve the information and read it in chronological order. The story.
3. One sobering thing

Our top 10, also featured in Axios AM, on the extent of polarization in America.

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