Aug 9, 2017

Axios PM

By Mike Allen
Mike Allen
Tech's tolerance problem

Axios tech editor Kim Hart weighs in on the bigger picture from the Google employee memo: "The 'think different' tech crowd is developing a habit of blowing up people who actually do think differently."

  • "The latest example is the internal memo from (now former) Google engineer, James Damore, questioning the company's diversity efforts and women's affinity for engineering. Damore's memo — and Google's decision to fire him — triggered outrage."
  • "Those offended by the memo branded it as sexist, misogynistic, and counter to the equality goals that tech companies like Google strive for. Those who supported his views, or at least his ability to express them, called his firing a form of censorship and harshly criticized Google's ouster of someone who strayed from the corporate correctness."
  • "Why it matters: Tech's well-documented diversity problems appear to have revealed a deeper cultural crisis. Companies have worked hard — and spent hundreds of millions of dollars — to project an aura of diversity and inclusion, but those efforts have sparked a backlash."

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What you missed
  1. The FBI raided Paul Manafort's home: They had a warrant to look for documents for Bob Mueller's Russia probe. Read up.
  2. Trump took credit for progress on our nuclear arsenal: His tweets, and the context.
  3. And he turned to McConnell, tweeting: "Senator Mitch McConnell said I had 'excessive expectations,' but I don't think so. After 7 years of hearing Repeal & Replace, why not done?"
  4. Facebook vs "cloaking": The tech giant is cracking down on deceptive methods to get people to click on diet pill ads and pornography scams. Details.
  5. The short-lived Ron Johnson story: After his remarks that seemed to suggest John McCain voted "no" on health care because of his brain tumor, the Wisconsin Republican put out a statement. Read it.

Bonus: Our Facts Matter posts on the status of North Korea's arsenal and why Trump can't take credit for modernizing U.S. nukes, and read up on how former U.S. presidents dealt with North Korea.

1 human thing

From the Axios Science team: "A new discovery of a nearly intact 13 million-year-old infant ape skull could fill a critical gap in our understanding of how similar hominoids began to evolve and differentiate into separate species, researchers reported in Nature today."

Mike Allen