Jun 2, 2017

Axios PM

White House war footing

"This is war." That's the West Wing mindset today on both Russia and climate change, with the White House escalating its scandal defenses, and digging deeper on climate change rather than hedging.

Why it matters: There's now no turning back on either issue, as President Trump doubles down with his own fixed but durable constituency.

The news tsunami continues as we head into weekend:

  • Trumpworld considers executive privilege on Comey: "They are reviewing whether to invoke executive privilege to prevent Comey from testifying..." per Bloomberg's Jennifer Jacobs.
  • EPA chief Scott Pruitt won't be apologetic on the U.S. handling of climate change, he said today.
  • The question Sean Spicer/Pruitt kept dodging: Does President Trump acknowledge climate change?
  • Other Paris quotables: Rex Tillerson ... Gary Cohn ... Vladimir Putin...

Go deeper: What environmentalists are watching post-Paris.

What you missed
  1. Putin meets Kelly: The Russian president had answers for new NBC host Megyn Kelly on Syria, the U.N., NATO and Russian meddling in the 2016 election. Quotables.
  2. The jobs number to watch: American retail workers have lost jobs for the fourth straight month. Chart & explanation.
  3. The robots are coming in fast: A new study predicts automation will replace jobs sooner than planned. Timeline.
  4. The torture report heads home: The NYT has a big scoop today on the Trump administration returning copies of the CIA torture report. Details.
Click of the day

Axios' Becca Rotenberg and Lazaro Gamio put together a phone-friendly look at how newspapers across the world reacted to Trump deciding to exit the Paris climate pact. Pictures here.