Trump makes it official

Aides described President Trump as "defiant" as he decided to withdraw from the Paris climate deal despite passionate lobbying from fellow world leaders; Silicon Valley titans; his daughter, Ivanka; and several of his key aides and Cabinet members.

  • His big line: "I was elected to represent the citizens of Pittsburgh — not Paris."
  • What he was thinking: A top aide noted that renouncing Paris was one of Trump's biggest applause lines during the campaign, said the president's basic mindset was: "This is a bad deal, and this was a campaign promise."
  • The opposition: The top aide said threats from some corporate leaders — most notably Tesla CEO Elon Musk, who tweeted yesterday that he would leave Trump's business advisory council if he went through with withdrawal — amounted to bullying and had backfired.

Highlights and a whale of a GIF, from Axios' Shane Savitsky and Lazaro Gamio.

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What you missed
  1. Countdown to Comey: He will be testifying next Thursday. Set your TiVo.
  2. Putin's wink and nod: The Russian president still says he didn't order any hacking, but says "patriotic" types might have acted on their own. Well ok then!
  3. FBI interest across the pond: Brexit leader Nigel Farage is reportedly a person of interest on Trump-Russia. His rebuttal.
  4. The driverless apocalypse: Robot trucks could mean 2 million fewer trucking jobs by 2030... MAP: Where it will hit hardest.
1 grim thing

A chunk of ice the size of Delaware is about to break away from Antarctica. Details.