Jul 27, 2017

Axios PM

The story to watch: Uber's CEO hunt

Uber's board of directors is meeting tonight, per Axios Business Editor Dan Primack, who says Hewlett-Packard Enterprise CEO Meg Whitman is a "leading candidate" for the pick, although there are dissenters on the board.

  • In favor: Matt Cohler, David Trujillo, Ryan Graves and Garrett Camp
  • Not in favor (at least for now): Travis Kalanick and Arianna Huffington
  • Unclear: Wan Ling Martell and Yasir Al Rumayyan

Go deeper: Primack breaks down why board members have taken these positions, in addition to what to watch.

What you missed
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Quote of the day

Scaramucci to CNN, on Priebus: "Some brothers are like Cain and Abel. Other brothers can fight with each other and get along. I don't know if this is reparable or not, that will be up to the president." The video.