Jul 4, 2019

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By Mike Allen
Mike Allen

🇺🇸 Thanks for checking in. Hope you and yours are enjoying holiday peace and sanity.

Situational awareness:

  1. A 6.4 magnitude earthquake — the largest in 20 years — hit southern California today. There have been no reports of fatalities at this point.
  2. Rep. Justin Amash, who has called for Trump's impeachment, is leaving the GOP.
1 big thing: At border, pregnant teens are extra-vulnerable
At the Border Patrol station in Brownsville, Texas, 51 adult females were held in this cell designated for 40 male juveniles. Photo: Office of Inspector General/Department of Homeland Security via Getty Images

Immigrant advocates and lawyers say young mothers don't get special treatment while they're crammed into U.S. facilities so packed that migrants are forced to sleep on floors or stand for days on end, AP's Astrid Galvan reports.

Why it matters: As a result, the girls say they're underfed, have poor hygiene and their babies get sick.

  • Once they're released, their lack of legal status and inability to afford child care makes it nearly impossible for them to find a job, and staying in the U.S. legally is an uphill battle even if their children are American citizens.

A happy ending ... An attorney's shocking discovery last month of an ailing 17-year-old girl from Guatemala cradling a clearly premature infant inside a U.S. detention center prompted a national outcry, AP adds.

  • The mother had an emergency cesarean section in Mexico in early May and crossed the border with the baby on June 4.
  • She was in a wheelchair in extreme pain when legal advocates found her.
  • The girl and her baby are now doing well after leaving the processing facility in McAllen, Texas, where they were held, said her attorney, Hope Frye: "The place where they are, it's safe and the baby is the belle of the ball."
2. Bonus: Pics du jour
Photo: Jacquelyn Martin/AP

The stage is set for tonight's "Salute to America."

Photo: Patrick Semansky/AP

Protester Robert Kennedy helps set up Code Pink's 20-foot-tall Trump Baby balloon near the Washington Monument.

Photo: Alastair Pike/AFP/Getty Images

P.S. It's been a rainy day in D.C.

3. 🌭 1 frank thing
Photo: Sarah Stier/AP

Miki Sudo, age 33 (above, center), devoured 31 hot dogs to win the Nathan's Famous contest on the Coney Island boardwalk for the sixth year, per AP.

Defending men's champ Joey "Jaws" Chestnut, age 35 (below), ate 71 wieners and buns to secure his 12th title. "I feel like I should eat a couple more," he quipped.

  • 🎥 ESPN released a "30 for 30" documentary this week, "The Good, The Bad, The Hungry," featuring the rivalry between Chestnut and his longtime foe, Japan's Takeru Kobayashi, who no longer competes. (Video)
Photo: Sarah Stier/AP
Mike Allen