Jun 19, 2018

Axios PM

By Mike Allen
Mike Allen

Situational awareness, part 1: New York is suing the Trump administration "for violating the Constitutional rights of immigrant children and their families who have been separated at the border." Go deeper.

Situational awareness, part 2: White House Deputy Chief of Staff Joe Hagin is retiring. In a statement, President Trump called Hagin "a huge asset" to the administration.

1 big thing: In Trump's own words

Illustration: Sarah Grillo/Axios

As America rages over the Trump administration's child separation policy, I want to hone in briefly on the language from the president over the past few hours:

  • Trump claimed Democrats want illegal immigrants to "infest" America.
  • He accused German officials, without evidence, of covering up migrant crime statistics (Germany has pushed back).
  • He mocked the idea of hiring more immigration judges, an idea with bipartisan support. (Among the proponents is Ted Cruz, who wants to double the number of judges to clear the immigration case backlog.)

Be smart: As I noted earlier today in Axios AM, Trump has shown little indication that he'll climb down from the zero-tolerance border policy.

What's next:

  • The House is looking at changing "rules that now limit the amount of time minors can be held to 20 days, according to a GOP source familiar with the measure. Instead, the children could be detained with their parents for extended periods." [AP]
  • The Senate is working on a "narrow" fix, Mitch McConnell told reporters today, that would keep kids with parents and kick the can on other issues while the separation crisis gets solved. [Axios]
  • "Trump said he plans to make changes to whatever immigration measure emerges from the House, although his aides have said he would sign both bills under consideration or, perhaps, a narrower fix that immediately addresses the family separations." [WashPost]

Go deeper: What happens when families cross the border

2. What you missed
President Trump hugs a flag at his speech today to the National Federation of Independent Businesses. GIF via Sky News
  1. Trump 2020 campaign manager Brad Parscale wants Jeff Sessions fired and an end to the Mueller investigation, calling it "phony." Go deeper.
  2. T-Mobile and Sprint have formally asked the FCC to approve their proposed merger. Go deeper.
  3. How Facebook and Google bought their duopoly: Axios' Sara Fischer dove into the topic today. Go deeper.
  4. Scoop: Donald Trump Jr. has pulled out from a fundraiser with George P. Bush, part of a new rift between the unlikely duo. Go deeper.
  5. The former Senate staffer charged with lying to the FBI requested a gag order that would prevent Trump from talking about his case. Go deeper.
3. 1 kid thing

Hot trend: "According to the American Camp Association, 48% of accredited camps will offer cooking as a program this year," the WSJ's Matthew Kronsberg reports.

  • "Maine-based Apogee Adventures, which has for 17 years taken tweens and teens on service and adventure trips... offers a 10-day Maine Farm to Table trip. Campers spend their nights sleeping in tents and their days outdoors, kayaking in Casco Bay, harvesting shellfish on coastal mudflats, visiting farms and cheesemakers, and, yes, cooking."
  • "Another sleep-away option for kids with celebrity-chef dreams: Camp MasterChef, with one location in Georgia, another in Connecticut. Kitchen instruction is combined with classic camp fun and team culinary competitions..."

Chefs, to your tables.

Mike Allen