Sep 25, 2017

Axios PM

1 big thing: Our fellow Americans

American citizens across Puerto Rico remain without power and short on supplies, according to Axios' Shannon Vavra:

  • From Governor Ricardo Rossell√≥: "We are U.S. citizens that just a few weeks ago went to the aid of other U.S. citizens... Now, we've been essentially devastated... [W]e were there once for our brothers and sisters, our other U.S. citizens, now it's time that U.S. citizens in Puerto Rico are taken care of adequately, properly."
  • From Manati mayor Jose Sanchez Gonzalez: "Hysteria is starting to spread. The hospital is about to collapse. It's at capacity," he said, crying. "We need someone to help us immediately."

Go deeper: The scale of the crisis, the federal government's response, and how to help.

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1 neat thing

"How baseball is trying to augment its in-stadium reality," by Axios' Ina Fried.