Sep 26, 2017

Axios PM

1 big thing: "We don't have the votes"

The latest Republican health care reform effort is dead:

  • Sens. Bill Cassidy and Lindsey Graham requested today that Graham-Cassidy not receive a vote.
  • Cassidy: "We don't have the votes. We made the decision that because we don't have the votes, we will postpone the vote."
  • Majority Leader Mitch McConnell: "Where we go from here is tax reform..."

Speaking of tax reform:

  • 5 senior Republicans tell Axios' Jonathan Swan: "Top White House and GOP leaders have agreed to raise the lowest individual tax rate from 10 to 12 percent, paired with doubling the standard deduction."
  • Get caught up: "Republicans plan to collapse the number of brackets from seven to three. The standard deduction would almost double to $12,000 for a single filer and $24,000 for married couples, meaning Trump can accurately argue that many more low income earners would pay no tax under his plan. As we previously reported, the top tax bracket would fall from 39.6% to 35%."

Be smart, via Swan: "We know Trump wants a lower corporate rate than the Big Six gave him; and he wants the taxes on the wealthiest Americans to stay high. So watch for the insertion of wiggle-room language — as signaled by the WSJ — because Trump wasn't over the moon with the draft the Big Six gave him."

Go deeper: More details on tax reform...

What you missed
  1. Alabama Republicans go to the polls: Roy Moore is leading in the polls, which close at 7 local (central) time.
  2. Retirement watch: Sen. Bob Corker won't seek re-election. Details.
  3. STD record: The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recorded over 2 million cases of STDs in 2016. Numbers.
  4. Milestone in the Middle East: Saudi Arabia announced Tuesday that it will lift its ban on female drivers in June 2018.
  5. Jeff Sessions at Georgetown: "In this great land, the government does not tell you what to think or what to say." Quotes.
  6. FEMA administrator on Puerto Rico: "This is a logistically challenging and very unique event that the United States hasn't seen for a very long time, if ever." Update.
Quote du jour

"I wasn't preoccupied with the NFL, I was ashamed with what was taking place, I think it was a very important moment…I have plenty of time on my hands, all I do is work. To be honest with you, that's an important function of working. It's called respect for our country…We are totally focused on [Puerto Rico] but at the same time it doesn't take me a long time to put out a 'wrong.'"President Trump today.