Sep 28, 2017

Axios PM

Situational Awareness: HHS Secretary Tom Price has apologized for taking private flights on taxpayer dime.

1 big thing: how Trump's tax cut plan would play

Analyses are rolling in on the GOP tax cuts plan, Axios' Dave Lawler writes, and they challenge the Trump administration's narrative that the primary beneficiaries will be middle class families.

Based on roundups from the Wall Street Journal, NY Times, Washington Post, and my colleagues at Axios, here's a look at the winners and losers:

  • Winners: Top earners, heirs to large estates, hedge funds, lawyers, the oil-and-gas industry and Trump himself.
  • Losers: Private equity, people from high-tax states, people who take certain deductions and deficit hawks.

Go deeper: The breakdown of each category.

What you missed
  1. Trump signed a shipping waiver for Puerto Rico: But there are nearly 10,000 containers of supplies for Hurricane Maria relief stuck at the Port of San Juan. Details.
  2. Today in Trump: He called out NFL owners, repeated his demands for getting rid of the filibuster and bragged on the tax plan. Quotes.
  3. The return of Steve Scalise: The House Majority Whip spoke at the House today, saying "you have no idea how great it feels to be back here at work in the People's House..." Video.
  4. Snap's big number: They're expecting a trillion (with a "T") snaps to be sent this year. Numbers.
  5. Myanmar's Muslim minority: A boat carrying 130 Rohingya Muslims capsized off the coast of the Bay of Bengal. Background on the Rohingya.
1 Twitter thing

Sen. Mark Warner (D-Va.), the top Democrat on the Senate Intelligence Committee, said this afternoon that he wasn't satisfied with Twitter's Capitol Hill presentation into possible Russian election meddling on its platform — calling it "frankly inadequate on almost every level."