Apr 25, 2018

Axios PM

1 big thing: Trump's travel ban likely to stand, court hints

The Supreme Court seemed uneasy with some parts of Trump's travel ban today, but equally uneasy with the implications of a broad ruling against it, Axios' Sam Baker notes.

Be smart, via Sam: It's the first real legal test for a major Trump initiative, but it won't be the last.


  • "Immigrant rights groups had hoped that Chief Justice John G. Roberts Jr. or Justice Anthony M. Kennedy would join the court’s four-member liberal wing to oppose the ban. But their questioning was almost uniformly hostile to the challengers." [NYT]
  • "[N]either appeared receptive to arguments made by lawyer Neal Katyal, representing the ban’s opponents, that Trump’s rule stems from his campaign pledge to keep Muslims out of the country and is unlike immigration orders issued by any other president." [AP]

Sam's takeaways:

  • The justices' general willingness to overlook Trump's public statements is a sign of how they're likely to approach this administration — try as hard as possible to treat it like any other.
  • If the travel ban does ultimately succeed, that would be a big vindication for Trump, who railed against the lower courts that struck down various versions of the ban.
  • It also would vindicate the officials around Trump, who took the sloppy initial order out of his hands, ran it through the more traditional processes he prefers to bypass, and ended up with something the Supreme Court could uphold.
2. What you missed

Emmanuel Macron, man of many expressions. Collage: Sarah Grillo/Axios. Photos: Getty Images

  1. The photo op is over: French President Emmanuel Macron shifted his tone during his address to a joint session of Congress today, taking jabs at Trump in four different areas.
  2. NFL owners expressed alarm about Trump and Colin Kaepernick in secretly-recorded audio published today by the New York Times. Highlights.
  3. U.S. biotech startups may IPO in Asia: Hong Kong this week unveiled new stock exchange rules that will allow listings of unprofitable biotech companies, plus dual-class share structures. Go deeper.
  4. Comcast announced a $31 billion takeover bid for Sky, which was 16% higher than Fox's, on a share vs. share basis.
  5. Notable corporate earnings: Twitter ⬆; Boeing⬆; Facebook
Bonus: Tweet du jour
4. 1 water cooler thing

Scientists expect people to live routinely to 100 in the coming decades, and as long as 150. This suggests a much longer working life lasting well into the 70s, 80s, and even 100, Axios' Steve LeVine writes.