Jul 19, 2017

Axios PM

If you read one thing

From Axios' Jonathan Swan and Caitlin Owens:

"All of the Republican senators who oppose the Senate health care bill are meeting tonight to work out their differences — after being told by President Trump this afternoon that they need to work late into the night to get a deal. The holdouts, including moderates and conservatives, are scheduled to meet in Sen. John Barrasso's office at 7:30 pm Eastern with the goal of getting a deal to revive the shelved Affordable Care Act repeal and replacement bill, according to sources with direct knowledge of the discussions."

Go deeper: Jonathan and Caitlin have details on the attendees, how it came together, and Trump's joke to Rand Paul about playing golf.

What you missed
  1. Second hottest on record: The first half of 2017 trailed only the first half of 2016 in the stats dating back to 1880. Chart.
  2. Trump on states resisting his voter commission: "What are they worried about? There's something. There always is." Quotes.
  3. "It made my blood boil." Former CIA Director John Brennan on Trump praising Putin. The interview.
  4. Good news for Ted Cruz: HHS released a report today saying his health care amendment would lower premiums. That puzzled health care experts, who predict the opposite. Their reasoning.
  5. SCOTUS on the travel ban: Fresh news on who is affected by the travel ban.
1 great thing

Zion Harvey, now 10 years old, made medical history when he was given new hands through a double-hand transplant two years ago.

Medical tests now show that his body recognizes the hands as his own.