Jul 23, 2019

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By Mike Allen
Mike Allen

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Situational awareness: "Facebook deceived users about the way it used phone numbers, facial recognition, FTC to allege in complaint." (WashPost)

Breaking... Jim Comey tells MSNBC about tomorrow's Mueller testimony: "Director Mueller I think, if pressed, would reach a decision at least on some of [obstruction allegations] that there is sufficient evidence to charge the president."

  • "But again, he's a principled person trying to be fair, and said, 'I shouldn't be doing that given that the man can't vindicate himself.'"
1 big thing: Trump's ICE raids were a dud

Photo: Nicholas Kamm/AFP/Getty Images

Judging by the numbers alone, the much-touted ICE raids were far from a success.

  • 35: The number of arrests over the pair of raids this year, out of a target list of 2,000 people, per the AP.
  • 650: The number of arrests in one long weekend of raids in 2017.

The big picture: In the past week, the Trump administration has all but blocked Central Americans from asylum, rolled out a rule that would allow officials to deport more unauthorized immigrants without a court hearing and reportedly discussed lowering the refugee cap to near zero, Axios' Stef Kight notes.

  • Through it all, President Trump has been tweeting at U.S. citizens in Congress to "go back," along with eagerly previewing the raids.

But the resistance to these tactics is yielding results.

  • Immigrant rights activists used the heads up to push “know-your-rights” campaigns in cities like Houston, New York and Chicago, the AP reports.
  • "To inform the public, they used hotlines, text networks, workshops, social media and promoted a smartphone app that notifies family members in case of an arrest."

Between the lines: Even without measurable results, the raids have a pronounced effect on communities with large immigrant populations.

  • On the first weekend, "some immigrant-heavy churches had noticeably lower attendance and attributed the fear of stepped up enforcement."
  • "Businesses in immigrant-heavy neighborhoods, including in Chicago, Atlanta and Miami, also reported very light traffic."

The bottom line: Trump is running a campaign based on immigration restrictions, but lags behind Barack Obama in deportations — so expect even more crackdowns in the near future.

Bonus: Pics du jour

The two faces of Boris Johnson, the next prime minister of the U.K.

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2. What you missed
  1. The FBI has made about 100 domestic terrorism arrests in the first 3 quarters of this fiscal year. The majority were related to white supremacy. Go deeper.
  2. Trump is suing the House Ways and Means Committee and two New York state officials in an effort to block them from releasing his state tax returns. Go deeper.
  3. Apple is reportedly once again in talks with Intel to buy the company's troubled cellular modem business for around $1 billion. Go deeper.
  4. The Senate is ready to start moving forward with a bipartisan bill to lower the cost of prescription drugs. Go deeper.
  5. The Senate reauthorized the 9/11 Victim Compensation Fund, securing funding for first responders and victims impacted by the toxins at Ground Zero through 2092. Go deeper.
3. 1 🌑 thing

Illustration: Rebecca Zisser/Axios

NASA needs a new spacesuit for its next mission, but it's unclear if the agency will have the congressional support it needs to deliver the suit well ahead of the 2024 deadline, Axios Space reporter Miriam Kramer reports.

Why it matters: Building a spacesuit takes hundreds of millions of dollars of investment.

  • For the Artemis mission to the Moon, NASA astronauts must have the flexibility to bend down, examine rocks and collect samples — all in one-sixth the gravity on Earth.

Go deeper.

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