1 big thing: Countdown to a shutdown

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi speaks with reporters as she makes her way to Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer's office today. Photo: Aaron P. Bernstein / Getty Images

President Trump turned to Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer today in an attempt to stave off a shutdown, renewing Republican worries of Trump deal with Democrats.

Why it matters: It's rare to have a shutdown when one party controls Congress and the White House, and would be a show of strength for Democrats on the Hill.

The state of play:

  • House Republicans are going home after approving a short-term spending package. "Sen. Schumer needs to decide if he wants a shutdown," House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy told Politico.
  • Senate Republicans don't have the votes for a short-term package, and Democrats are threatening not to budge unless it includes protections for "Dreamers."
  • Negotiators have until midnight tonight to cut a deal, or we're entering shutdown mode.
  • Trump was supposed to be heading to Mar-a-Lago today for a high-dollar fundraiser. He's put those plans on ice ahead of the shutdown.

Enter Trump and Chuck: The president had Schumer over to the Oval Office today. Their chiefs of staff were the only other people in the meeting.

  • Schumer after the meeting: “We made some progress, but we still have a good number of disagreements. The discussions will continue.”
  • White House chief of staff John Kelly informed Hill Republicans no deal had been made, per Sen. John Cornyn. “He said there were no agreements with Senator Schumer, and the president told him to go back and talk to Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell and work it out."

By the numbers: A government shutdown could reduce U.S. GDP in the first quarter of 2018 by upwards of 0.2%—or $6.5 billion—each week it continues, mostly because of lost federal worker productivity.

2. What you missed

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  4. The Department of Justice will re-try Sen. Bob Menendez in a bribery and corruption case.
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3. 1 global trend
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