Aug 7, 2017

Axios PM

By Mike Allen
Mike Allen
The tech industry's dirty little secret

Axios business editor Dan Primack weighs in on the Google employee memo that gained so much buzz over the weekend:

  • The narrative: "In the course of a summer, Silicon Valley's reputation has devolved from progressive meritocracy to sexist cesspool."
  • What's really happening: "All of these incidents reveal a dirty secret about America's technology industry: It is comprised of people who live in America. As such, it is prone to many of the same cultural flaws inherent in other industries and communities. Sexism. Racism. Intolerance of dissenting views, let alone interest in debating for the sake of greater knowledge."
  • Why it matters: "America's five most valuable companies are each tech outfits ... That its troubles are representative of our broader societal ills may be logical, but it is not comforting."
  • Read it all here.

Bonus Silicon Valley clicker: Noted Trump supporter Peter Thiel has reportedly described the Trump administration as "incompetent" at multiple points this year, per BuzzFeed News' Ryan Mac.

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