Aug 22, 2017

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By Mike Allen
Mike Allen
Trump's Phoenix swing

The president returns to Phoenix tonight, where he'll hold a campaign-style rally at 10pm EST. The president will visit with border patrol officers ahead of the rally.

One potential headline: Former Sheriff Joe Arpaio, who could receive a pardon from Trump, will be at the rally. From the New York Times:

  • "On the background call, a White House official would not say whether the president plans to offer Mr. Arpaio such a pardon. Privately, two senior administration officials said that Mr. Trump was not expected to pardon Mr. Arpaio at the rally, although they would not rule out the possibility, given the president's penchant for showy displays."

Flashback: From Trump's 2015 Phoenix rally, covered by TIME: "As a small group of protestors scuffled with Trump supporters and security as they tried to hold up a banner, Trump quipped, 'I wonder if the Mexican government sent them over here, I think so. We'll take our country back.'"

Go deeper: The protests planned for Trump's Phoenix rally.

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1 science problem

"If someone is already pre-disposed to disbelieve scientific conclusions around issues like human evolution, climate change, stem cell research or the Big Bang theory because of their religious or political views, learning more about the subject actually increases their disbelief, a new study finds."

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Mike Allen