Sep 8, 2017

Axios PM

By Mike Allen
Mike Allen
The 1 big thing: Irma on her way

President Trump described Hurricane Irma on Friday as a storm with "absolutely historic destructive potential," urging citizens to listen to warnings from local officials and vowing to help as much as possible.

Irma is projected to make landfall Saturday in Florida as a Category 4.

Quick updates from Axios' Alayna Treene:

  • More than 20 people are dead from Irma in the Caribbean.
  • Now Hurricane Jose is on track to hit some islands already devastated by Irma.
  • Florida has ordered mandatory evacuations ahead of Irma, with other states making similar preparations.

If you're inclined to help, the Miami Herald has a useful list of how to donate to those affected by Irma, including:

  • "UNICEF is raising money that will first be spent distributing emergency supplies to affected areas. After the storm, UNICEF will focus on getting children back to school. Charity Watch gave UNICEF an A."
  • "United Way of Miami-Dade is soliciting donations on behalf of the United Way organizations in all hurricane-affected areas. You can choose to have your relief funds go to Hurricane Irma or Hurricane Harvey."
  • "Save the Children emergency teams are responding in the Dominican Republic, Haiti and the U.S. to address specific needs of young children... Charity Watch gave Save the Children an A."
  • "In addition to donations for Irma, the American Red Cross is also asking for volunteers willing to help in Puerto Rico, Florida, Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina and Virginia."
What you missed
  1. Harvey funding no-votes: The nays include four Texas Republicans. What happened.
  2. VR's tough demand: It isn't widely popular yet. See why.
  3. A cryptocurrency bill: Bitcoin regulation changes are in the works. The bill.
  4. Equifax under fire: The credit monitoring service, which just suffered a major cyber breach, is facing criticism for legal language on the service set up to help those potentially affected. The reasoning.
  5. Mueller wants more interviews: The Washington Post reports that he's interested in speaking with multiple White House aides. The list.
1 thing to tell your kids

Snapchat adds college newspapers: Certain papers will be published weekly in the Discover section, featured among the New York Times and Cosmopolitan. The details.

Mike Allen