Jun 28, 2017

Axios PM

"A new frantic phase"

Situational awareness from Jonathan Swan:

  • Republican healthcare negotiations enter a new frantic phrase. Donald Trump is throwing around sweeping Norman Peale-style generalities — "we're going to have great healthcare" is a frequent refrain — and Mitch McConnell is digging into the piggy bank to buy off moderates.
  • The Goldilocks equation being tested: can short-term money for moderates and long-term reforms for conservatives get the bill to a place where nobody will be happy, but enough will hold their noses and vote? That's the best-case scenario.

Top Trump quote: "Healthcare is working along very well...we're gonna have a big surprise. We have a great health care package. ... we're going to have a great, great surprise."

Go deeper: How premiums would change under the Senate health bill

What you missed
  1. Today's Trump targets: Yesterday was CNN. Today, he turned his ire to the Washington Post and NYT. The tweets.
  2. Deal cut on Comey memos: Senate Intel Chairman Richard Burr says a deal has been struck to get the Comey memos. Details.
  3. Huge in the Heartland: ABC News has settled a $1.9 billion defamation suit from Beef Products Inc. for calling one of its products "pink slime." Why it matters.
  4. Germans strike back: Chancellor Angela Merkel ripped into the Trump administration's trade rhetoric in a little-noticed speech yesterday. Quick hits.
  5. New laptop inspections on flights: The Department of Homeland Security previewed the new rules today. What you need to know.

Bonus: Rep. Jason Chaffetz will start as a Fox News contributor on July 1. His last day in Congress is Friday.

1 big question

Before North Korea can nuke L.A., or kill millions on the Korean peninsula, what should the U.S. do? That's the subject for our latest Axios Expert Voices.