Jun 28, 2017

Axios PM

By Mike Allen
Mike Allen
"A new frantic phase"

Situational awareness from Jonathan Swan:

  • Republican healthcare negotiations enter a new frantic phrase. Donald Trump is throwing around sweeping Norman Peale-style generalities — "we're going to have great healthcare" is a frequent refrain — and Mitch McConnell is digging into the piggy bank to buy off moderates.
  • The Goldilocks equation being tested: can short-term money for moderates and long-term reforms for conservatives get the bill to a place where nobody will be happy, but enough will hold their noses and vote? That's the best-case scenario.

Top Trump quote: "Healthcare is working along very well...we're gonna have a big surprise. We have a great health care package. ... we're going to have a great, great surprise."

Go deeper: How premiums would change under the Senate health bill

What you missed
  1. Today's Trump targets: Yesterday was CNN. Today, he turned his ire to the Washington Post and NYT. The tweets.
  2. Deal cut on Comey memos: Senate Intel Chairman Richard Burr says a deal has been struck to get the Comey memos. Details.
  3. Huge in the Heartland: ABC News has settled a $1.9 billion defamation suit from Beef Products Inc. for calling one of its products "pink slime." Why it matters.
  4. Germans strike back: Chancellor Angela Merkel ripped into the Trump administration's trade rhetoric in a little-noticed speech yesterday. Quick hits.
  5. New laptop inspections on flights: The Department of Homeland Security previewed the new rules today. What you need to know.

Bonus: Rep. Jason Chaffetz will start as a Fox News contributor on July 1. His last day in Congress is Friday.

1 big question

Before North Korea can nuke L.A., or kill millions on the Korean peninsula, what should the U.S. do? That's the subject for our latest Axios Expert Voices.

Mike Allen