Jul 21, 2017

Axios PM

Inside the West Wing: It’s war

Spicer out, Anthony Scaramucci and Sarah Huckabee in, a shakeup on the legal team.

In a stunning series of aggressive moves, President Trump is surrounding himself with junkyard dogs who are fine with his freelancing.

  • Establishment insiders see the West Wing earthquake as a sign of a brutal season to come: President Trump has talked openly about firing special counsel Bob Mueller. West Wing confidants, arguing that Mueller is on a witch hunt, are starting to make the case for pardons.
  • Scaramucci, widely known as "Mooch," is instantly empowered: Trump took a chance on him, rolling top advisers to offer him the job.
  • So the brash financier will be a Trump favorite, at least temporarily – the fighter the president has wanted on his comms team from Day 1.

Now go inside the West Wing: Axios' Jonathan Swan, who broke the Scaramucci news last night, has a verbatim account of this morning's drama.

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1 thing to watch

New WH comms director Anthony Scaramucci, on how Trump keeps reminding him about that "hack politician" comment from 2015. Video.