1 big thing: The war on tech addiction

The addictive power of the technology that dominates every aspect of daily life is getting more and more attention from people who may have enough influence to do something about it, Axios' David McCabe reports this afternoon.

The collisions:

  • On Wall Street: An activist investor and a pension fund are pushing Apple to give parents more options for limiting their kids’ iPhone time.
  • 87% of attendees at last year's Consumer Electronics Show said children spend too much time with technology.
  • Early Facebook investor Roger McNamee argues the addictive nature of the social network and its competitors should be taken into account when addressing questions of concentration among web platforms.
  • Former Facebook President Sean Parker — who departed the company amid internal controversytold me late last year that its creators were “exploiting a vulnerability in human psychology.”
  • A former growth executive at Facebook said that “short-term, dopamine-driven feedback loops we’ve created are destroying how society works.”
    • The pushback: (Facebook said later that it is now a “very different company," and the former exec eventually walked back his comments.)

The big question: Will this backlash amount to the relatively short-lived campaign against video games — or will it play out like the public health campaign against cigarettes that rocked the tobacco industry?

Dive in.

2. What you missed

Illustration: Lazaro Gamio / Axios

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3. Photo du jour

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