Jun 21, 2017

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Uber CEO Kalanick steps down amid investor pressure

After months of scandal, it was pressure from investors that finally led Uber CEO Travis Kalanick to step down late Tuesday. Axios' Mike Allen discusses the boot from power more here.

What happened: As first reported by Axios' Dan Primack late Tuesday night, a group of Uber's investors was exploring how to achieve a change at the top of the troubled company. The New York Times followed a half hour later with a story that Kalanick was stepping down after getting a letter from five major investors seeking his resignation.

Don't forget: Kalanick had already taken a voluntary, indefinite leave of absence stemming from both the death of his mother and various workplace crises facing the company, including allegations of sexual harassment.

The big question: Who will replace Kalanick and how hard will it be for the company to move forward?

Likely candidates: Possible replacements include top free agents in Silicon Valley (Adam Bain, Nikesh Arora, Marissa Mayer), established leaders (Meg Whitman, Sheryl Sandberg), and non-tech Fortune 500 executives.

The reasons why tech leaders met with Trump

Silicon Valley doesn't see eye to eye with President Trump on social and climate change policy. But as we detailed yesterday, that didn't stop most of the industry's top executives from showing up to the White House this week.

From tax reform to high-skilled immigration, these companies have a number of business priorities they feel they need to work on with the White House, and they want Trump to understand their perspective on technology-driven economic shifts. David & Kim take a closer look here.

The skyrocketing file size of top iPhone apps

The top iOS apps have been taking up an increasing amount of space on the device. Sensor Tower reported Tuesday that the total space required by the top 10 most installed U.S. iPhone apps is now nearly 2 gigabytes, up twelvefold since May 2013 when the top 10 apps occupied just 164 megabytes of space.

Two factors at play: First, Apple has been raising the cap on the size of apps, most recently lifting the maximum to 4GB in early 2015. Second, the phones themselves are also coming with more memory, increasing consumer's willingness to put up with bigger apps.

Read more here.

Speaking of iOS, did you know...

There's actually another iOS and it's been around for decades. While the better known iOS comes from Apple, IOS also is the name Cisco uses for the software that powers its networking gear, and it has been around far longer than the iPhone. But as a non-enterprise junkie, it is still funny to hear Cisco executives talk unironically as if its IOS was the only one out there.

History lesson: Cisco also had the trademark of the iPhone and sued Apple over its use of the term. The two companies settled that dispute in 2007. In 2010, it officially licensed Apple to use the term iOS as well. So, now the world has two iOSes.

Preparing for the rise of AI

Stephen Hawking and Elon Musk warn of a coming artificial intelligence apocalypse. Others say the conversation has become alarmist.

Axios asked four experts for their thoughts on how we should prepare in case AI rises.

Why Shift's co-founder is becoming Code for America's COO

Minnie Ingersoll, co-founder and operations chief of car marketplace Shift, is joining Code for America as COO next month, Kia reports. She'll remain an advisor to Shift and continue to attend company meetings and help with recruiting.

The mission: Rather than pushing for new policies, Code for America is focused on improving the implementation of existing ones. Its efforts are geared toward helping underserved Americans, especially those underserved by the tech industry.

"We have no social safety net and we're losing our middle class...and a lot of the tech we're building is on-demand laundry apps...not that there's something wrong with that but there are hungry children," Ingersoll said.

Take note

On tap: Sprint's Virgin Mobile is having a media event in San Francisco with Virgin Group founder Richard Branson expected to be on hand. Sprint has said for some time that it had plans to reinvigorate the prepaid cellular brand...Trump is taking "tech week" on the road, with plans to talk broadband in Iowa on Wednesday; he plans to tell Iowans that he's committed to "including internet connectivity" in any federal infrastructure package.

Trading places: Former FCC advisor Rosemary Harold is the front-runner to be the agency's next top cop as Enforcement Bureau chief, David scooped last night...Chris Lattner, the Apple veteran who joined Tesla as head of autopilot software in January is leaving the company, while the company has hired computer vision expert Andrej Karpathy to work in a key role on the autopilot team, per TechCrunch.

ICYMI: Uber is adding tipping...Cisco says it has a way to spot malware in encrypted traffic without needing to decode the packets...Amazon is testing Prime Wardrobe, a service that lets customers try out different outfits and return the ones they don't want...Security startup Cybereason said it has raised $100 million from investor and partner SoftBank...Adobe reported record quarterly earnings, topping estimates...Former iPhone executive Scott Forstall talked about the early days of the iPhone and iPad in a chat with John Markoff at the Computer History Museum on Tuesday night.

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