Nov 30, 2017

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Hello again from Helsinki. Chances are whenever you are reading this, it's dark here.

Finnish startups are finally getting investment from outside the region

While most investors aren't eager to see themselves eclipsed, for the Finnish government, it's actually a good thing. After years of having to back its own startups, Finland is finally starting to get significant outside funding for its early stage companies.

The bottom line: For the first time, foreign investors poured more money into Finnish startups than did the government. Last year, foreign VCs invested 216 million Euros in Finnish startups, up from 110 million Euros the prior year and just 21 million Euros in 2010.

"We know the machine we have built is working," said Jukka Häyrynen, executive director of startups for Tekes, the Finnish government's investment arm.

Read more: My full story on the state of the Finnish startup scene is here and check out tomorrow's Login for more on Finland and the goings-on at the Slush conference.

Nokia denies plan to buy Juniper Networks

Speaking of Finland, network equipment giant Nokia says it has no plans to make a bid for smaller rival Juniper Networks, denying a CNBC report.

"Nokia is not currently in talks with, nor is it preparing an offer for, Juniper Networks related to an acquisition of that company," the company said in a statement.

The backstory: After selling its phone unit to Microsoft, Nokia has doubled down on network gear, bought Alcatel-Lucent, and sold its mapping business Here to a consortium of German automakers.

Dig deeper: Here is an interview I did earlier this year with Nokia CEO Rajeev Suri.

Europe has a million more developers than U.S.

No, Silicon Valley isn't moving to London, or Berlin or Stockholm.

However, a new report from Atomico claims that there are now 5.4 million developers in Europe, compared with 4.4 million in the U.S. Plus, it says Europe gained more than 500,000 developers in the last year alone.

"We're leaving the U.S. behind," Atomico partner Tom Wehmeier said at Slush on Thursday.

My thought bubble: This might be taking things a bit far. The center of the universe remains in the birthplace of Apple, Google, Facebook, Amazon, etc. But it is a warning sign that others are taking the challenge of creating a tech-savvy workforce more seriously than the U.S.

America wakes up to the dark side of the internet

For decades, the internet has been seen by most Americans as a democratizing force that makes life easier and more enjoyable. But increased attention to the harassment and abuse that also fill the open web is challenging that notion.

Background: The last year has seen everything from massive data breaches to foreign attacks using bots and fake accounts. In addition there has been a spotlight shown on long-existing problems including child pornography, online bullying as well as the glorification of violence and suicide.

Axios' Sara Fischer and Kim Hart have more here on the laundry list of issues and the debate over how to best combat them.

Take note

On tap: The Slush conference takes place in Finland, and I'm moderating a session later today on the importance of happiness. (Now where the heck is that darn smiley emoticon.) ... Business Insider's Ignition conference wraps up in New York.

Trading places: Karen Wickre, former editorial director at Twitter and Google, is penning a book on networking for introverts.

ICYMI: Apple quickly readied a patch for a major security hole in the latest version of MacOS, opting to automatically push it down to all computers; it's only the second time Apple has chosen to forcibly install such an update...Some websites are using your computer's processor to mine for cryptocurrencies even when you close your brokers, Ars Technica reported...The former contractor whose actions led to Donald Trump's twitter account being briefly deactivated has revealed himself, via TechCrunch...An initial court hearing on the government's effort to block an AT&T-Time Warner deal is set for Dec. 7...The price of Bitcoin fell more than 16% after hitting a peak of more than $11,300 in trading on Wednesday...WSJ says Alphabet is considering folding Nest Labs into Google's hardware team...China Money Network reports that Chinese drone maker DJI denies U.S. accusations that it collected sensitive data on American infrastructure for the Chinese government.

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