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1 big thing: Low bivalent booster turnout

Booster COVID vaccine doses administered in Michigan
Data: Michigan Department of Health and Human Services; Chart: Simran Parwani/Axios

Interest is lagging in COVID-19 vaccines — particularly this fall's new bivalent booster shot.

Why it matters: The latest booster from Pfizer and Moderna that rolled out starting in September for those 5 and up targets newer strains of the virus.

  • Cases, hospitalizations and deaths tend to rise in the winter.

By the numbers: 81% of Americans have at least one COVID vaccine dose, but just 11% of those qualifying have gotten the bivalent shot as of last Wednesday, CDC data shows.

  • Michigan tracks a little higher than the United States: About 1.2 million residents, or 13% of those over 5, have received a bivalent shot, according to the state.
  • But just 64% of Michiganders have at least one original COVID vaccine dose.

Between the lines: The original booster's per-week dose administration peaked at 238,280 in Michigan last December, while state data shows bivalent doses peaked at 144,464 in a week this October.

  • "These numbers may seem low, but remember that you have to have completed a primary series to be eligible for a new booster and be two months out from your latest COVID-19 vaccine," a state spokesperson tells Axios.

What they're saying: "The people who want to get the new bivalent booster have received it," Dennis Cunningham, director of infection control and prevention for Henry Ford Health, tells Axios. "My perspective is people are losing interest in the vaccines."

The big picture: Flu season and RSV, a respiratory illness that can be serious in children, have also hit the nation hard this year, worrying public health experts, including in Detroit.

  • Find out here where to get vaccinated.

2. What you need to hear from across the city

Babyface Ray in Icewear Vezzo and DJ Drama's "God Bless the 6" video.

Detroit's rap artists stayed true to their sound for more than a decade and are finally being heard among the major players within America's most popular genre.

👋🏽 Sam is here to keep track of the must-hear songs from across the city:

BandGang Lonnie Bands' "Detroit Hu$$le" is Lonnie at his best. The production by Tommy II gets darker and darker as Lonnie effortlessly details his street prowess using clever lines and a catchy hook.

  • Lonnie's "Crank or Die" and "Jr Cali & Bam" — also produced by Tommy Two — are among my favorites off his latest project, "Creatures in Paris."

Veeze's "Close Friends" is the latest installment in his loose catalog of violin-led "I'm getting money and you're not" anthems.

Icewear Vezzo (ft. Babyface Ray) "God Bless the 6": Hearing DJ Drama yell "Ain't no place like the D!" during his signature tag and knowing he's talking about Detroit and not Dallas is beautiful.

  • Vezzo and Drama drop their collaboration project, Paint the City, on Dec. 8.

Keep reading for two more tracks

3. The Grapevine: You heard it here

Photo Illustration: Brendan Lynch/Axios. Photo: Raymond Boyd/Getty Images

🚨 At least 151 DPD officers have faced criminal charges since 2016, ranging from assault and battery to drunken driving and bribery. Eighteen have been charged with domestic violence. Many of the offenders remain active on the force. (WXYZ)

🏫 Threats of violence have forced several schools across Metro Detroit to shut down out of an abundance of caution. (Detroit News)

4. Motor City Transit: Joe Louis Greenway taking shape

Residents gather at a preview of the southwest greenway. Photo: Joe Guillen/Axios

Last week's sneak peak at the Joe Louis Greenway near the Michigan Central train depot showed how the project aims to connect far-flung parts of the city.

Why it matters: The $240 million greenway project will stretch 27.5 miles when completed, connecting 23 neighborhoods with trails like the Dequindre Cut and Detroit Riverfront.

  • The path for mobility, biking and walking is being billed as a transformational undertaking to beautify the city and boost recreational amenities.

State of play: Dozens of residents showed up at the new southwest greenway trailhead, near Bagley and Rosa Parks Boulevard, last week for an event highlighting the trail's eventual connectivity between the train depot and the riverfront.

  • The nearly milelong southwest greenway will open later this winter.
  • This portion of the larger greenway cost $8 million, with $5 million coming from Michigan Central, the 30-acre mobility hub anchored by the train depot.

What they're saying: Filmmaker Eric Jackson attended the event and recalled working on movies like "Transformers" at the depot.

  • "I'm glad to see the endgame for that building, you know? This is just an additional part to update the neighborhood."

New jobs to check out

💼 See who’s hiring around the city.

  1. Production Team Partner at UniFirst.
  2. Senior Disability Representative at Sedgwick.
  3. District Manager at sweetgreen.

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5. 🕰️ How long is too long for countdown clocks?

NFL Draft countdown clock downtown near Campus Martius. Photo: Samuel Robinson/Axios

👋🏽 Hey, guys! Sam here. I was recently reminded that the 2024 NFL Draft is being held here thanks to the countdown clock next to Campus Martius that's too big to let you forget it.

The intrigue: The Detroit Sports Commission tapped the local creative agency DG-3D studio to create the countdown clock in its studio at the Packard Plant. It started at 742 days, more than two years before the draft in April 2024.

  • It was unveiled this April during an event featuring NFL commissioner Roger Goodell, Mayor Mike Duggan and Gov. Gretchen Whitmer.

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