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1 big thing: 📲 Our app economy

App-based workers' share of labor force, 2022
Data: Flex Association. Map: Axios Visuals

D.C. is America's hotspot for app-based work, with drivers or couriers making up 9% of the city's labor force.

Why it matters: App-based work offers a flexible way to earn a living or make an extra buck — but many such workers are fighting for better pay, benefits, and more.

The big picture: About 4.3% of the U.S. workforce engages in app-based work, demonstrating gig companies' influence.

  • That's per an Axios analysis of a new study from the consultant group Public First and commissioned by Flex, a trade group representing DoorDash, Uber, and Lyft, among others.
  • We compared the study's estimated numbers of app-based workers by state (and D.C.) with the size of each jurisdiction's overall civilian labor force.

By the numbers: There are an estimated 35,000 app-based workers in D.C., making 32 million trips and deliveries in 2022.

🏁 Zoom in: The app-based delivery economy is fueling D.C.'s new moped craze, as Anna discovered.

  • Part of why mopeds are popular, especially for couriers and food delivery workers, is they hit a sweet street spot: they're faster than e-bikes but not as expensive or regulated as motorcycles.

Between the lines: D.C.-area seniors are turning to gig work to stay active and make ends meet as living costs jump, Mimi recently reported.

  • Over 1,110 people aged 65+ DoorDash-ed in D.C. last year.
  • That's up 22% from 2020, DoorDash tells Axios.

2. 🏠 DMV housing crunch

Photo: Jeffrey Greenberg/Universal Images Group via Getty Images

The DMV isn't on track to add the homes necessary to keep up with the region's growth, per a Washington Post study.

Why it matters: More houses would help alleviate Washington's tight real estate market and the high prices and competition that accompany it.

The big picture: The Metropolitan Washington Council of Governments said in 2019 that 320,000 new homes needed to be built in the region over the next decade, which breaks down to more than 87 per day.

  • But so far, the area's on track to produce only 218,350 units by 2030 — 68.2% of its goal, the Post found.

Zoom in: Out of all the local jurisdictions, only D.C., Alexandria, Arlington County, and Falls Church are on track to meet their share of the 320,000 goal.

  • Fairfax County is only at 36% of its target goal, while Montgomery County is at 56%; Prince George's County is at 50%; and Fairfax City is at 58%.

Context: Officials said the pandemic's impact on the economy and higher interest rates have caused the lag, as has a shortage of construction workers.

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3. Around the Beltway: DCPS facing job cuts

Illustration: Brendan Lynch/Axios

ğŸŽ D.C. Public Schools may need to eliminate 200 positions, from Jackson-Reed High School (-32 jobs) to Anacostia High (-11). The cuts are proposed by Mayor Muriel Bowser to balance the budget and are pending council approval. (Washington Post)

💳 Card skimming devices were found in five grocery stores within three weeks in D.C., police said. One was discovered at the Georgetown Safeway (aka the Social Safeway) and another at the NoMa Harris Teeter. (NBC4)

✅ Virginia has become the first state in the South to ban child marriage. Gov. Glenn Youngkin signed a bill that closes a loophole in state law allowing minors to marry if they're emancipated. (Axios)

4. ☀️ How I Wake Up: Mindy Thomas

Photo illustration: Axios Visuals. Photo: Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

Mindy Thomas makes science fun for kids. She is the co-host of the wildly popular "Wow in the World" podcast alongside Guy Raz — and the duo is rolling out a STEM-themed toy line.

  • Mindy lives in Northern Virginia with her husband and two kids. We caught up with her about how she gets up and going.

⏰ Wake-up time: 4:20am most days.

🍊 First thing she does: Orange Theory class three times a week.

  • But on rest days, she's partial to jumping right into a New York Times Connections game, or Wordle and the Crossword puzzle.

🍵 Morning fave: Harney & Sons tea. The Earl Grey and peppermint herbal sachets in one cup. "My tea cocktail."

🤖 Life hack: Alexa smart speakers (the robots, you could say) keep everyone on schedule, blurting out reminders to feed the dog or leave the house on time.

  • "Our house is so annoying in the morning," she jokes. "The smart speaker is constantly yelling at us, giving us countdowns."

ğŸž Breakfast: A piece of Ezekiel toast with avocado or with Good Culture cottage cheese.

💡 Morning wisdom: After undergoing breast cancer treatment last year, she has found joy in waking up with positivity. "Before my diagnosis, I would listen to news every morning. And news in the past few years has been really heavy."

  • "So for the last year, I have been listening to music when I wake up."

Her pump-up jam includes Carole King's "Beautiful":

  • You've got to get up every morning
  • With a smile on your face
  • And show the world all the love in your heart

🏁 Commute: A quick jaunt to her basement to record and work on Tinkercast and "Wow In The World."

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Where's Go-Go?

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