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1 big thing: 💡 Under-the-radar resources

Illustration: Sarah Grillo/Axios

Ever bought something on Facebook Marketplace but felt uneasy about meeting up with a stranger to get it?

The big picture: There are many local resources like this that residents may not be aware of that can save time, money and potentially even lives.

Inspired by a conversation on the Columbus Reddit page, here are some local under-the-radar services:

🛠 Tool Library: Modcon Living is a nonprofit that operates a tool rental library to aid homeowners with repair projects.

ğŸ“ž 311: This city helpline is meant for non-emergency requests such as scheduling a bulk trash pickup or reporting a broken streetlight.

  • Columbus residents can call 614-645-3111, email [email protected] or put in a request on the "My Columbus" mobile app.

ğŸŽ¨ Art: The Columbus Museum of Art has free general admission on Sundays.

⚕️ Narcan: Columbus Public Health offers free Narcan test kits meant to save the life of someone overdosing on opioids.

🏠 Radon Testing: Free test kits to help detect potentially cancerous levels of radon in homes.

When it comes to helpful resources, another great place to visit is the local library...

2. The joys of having a library card

There are 23 Columbus Metropolitan Library branches located throughout our community. Photo: Tyler Buchanan/Axios

You probably already know about the Columbus Metropolitan Library offering much more than books — there's also music, movies and video games to borrow.

  • We asked library media specialist Ben Zenitsky for other little-heralded services available with your library card.

🐯 Go exploring: Borrow passes for free entry to attractions like the Columbus Zoo and Ohio History Center.

📰 Paid subscriptions for free: Complimentary access to research tools like news outlets, genealogy databases and Consumer Reports.

✏️ Tutoring at home: Along with in-person School Help Centers after school lets out, the HelpNow program connects students with virtual tutors on weekdays from 2-11pm.

💥 Plenty of online content: Access ebooks, magazines and comic books.

🧒 Story time: The Dial-A-Story program features children's stories told online or over the phone by calling 614-924-1800.

📬 What other local services do you think more people should know about? Hit reply and we'll feature your suggestions.

3. 🫖 A trip to Wonderland

The Alice: An Immersice Cocktail Experience at Harrison's on Kenny. Photo: Alissa Widman Neese/Axios

​​👋 Alissa here. I went down the rabbit hole recently for a very merry "tea party" inspired by Alice's Adventures in Wonderland.

How it works: A space at Harrison's on Kenny was transformed into an "unbirthday bash" with dainty tea sets, lots of flowers and a light-up Cheshire Cat grin.

  • The 90-minute evening event offered two cocktails, a sweet shot of booze and an iconic "Eat Me" cookie for $44.
  • In typical Wonderland fashion, guests solve frustrating riddles to find drink ingredients in tiny bottles, similar to an escape room.
  • Your reward: An adorable "steaming" teapot (thanks to dry ice) and a little buzz.

My take: The intricate decor — no doubt designed to be Instagram gold — was one of the biggest highlights. It was impressive, especially Alice herself "falling" through the ceiling surrounded by suspended book pages.

  • I also appreciated our hosts' cheesy banter, capped with the sassy Queen of Hearts inciting an "off with their heads!" chant.

The bottom line: I'm a Disney fanatic, but the classic 1951 adaptation was never one of my favorites. I enjoyed this party so much, however, that I promptly streamed the film on Disney+ to give it another shot.

What's next: The Alice-themed event wrapped up this past weekend, but Peter Pan, Tinker Bell and friends from Neverland will fly into Columbus soon for a similar event organized by the same entertainment company.

  • I'm sure it'll be just as magical. Sign up for updates.

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4. Nutshells: Believe it or nut

Illustration: Brendan Lynch/Axios

🥤 The Yard Milkshake Bar, a chain seen on "Shark Tank" in 2019, will open its first Ohio location in the Short North. (614 Magazine)

🐢 Two giant tortoises have gone missing in Westerville. Their owner is offering a $500 reward for a safe return. (WCHM)

✈️ American Airlines has halted thousands of domestic flights for March, including 71 in Columbus. (Columbus Business First)

💈 A 65-year-old barber chair that a Franklin County judge restored for his chambers was originally owned by a family instrumental to the local civil rights movement. (The Columbus Dispatch)

🐰 Meet Briggsy, Briggs High School's new therapy bunny. (Columbus City Schools)

Your future begins here

⏳ We handpick the best among the rest with our local job listings.

  1. Marketing Campaign Services Manager-Service Model Transformation Manager at Accenture.
  2. Marketing Technology Analyst at The Ohio State University.
  3. Marketing Technologist at PWC.

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5. 🚚 Ohioans to go

Inbound and outbound moving
Data: United Van Lines; Map: Kavya Beheraj/Axios

It's inconceivable to us that anybody would want to leave the Buckeye State, but apparently not everybody here agrees.

What's happening: Ohio was the ninth-most departed state among movers who hired United Van Lines in 2021, per the moving company's data.

By the numbers: 56% of the company's nearly 6,400 Ohio shipments headed outbound.

Of note: The company notes that nine of the 10 "outbound" states are considered densely populated, so our 4-degree winter days aren't solely to blame.

The intrigue: Us Buckeyes have strong family bonds. Among Ohio's inbound movers, 44% of 829 people surveyed by United Van Lines said they did so to be closer to family.

  • That percentage places Ohio sixth among states logging that response.

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