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ğŸŽ¸ Hello, Monday. On this date in 1922, Cleveland's legendary concert and event venue Public Auditorium was dedicated.

☀️ Today's weather: Sunny with a high of 62.

ğŸŽ§ Sounds like: "For Whom the Bell Tolls" by Metallica

Situational awareness: It's Tax Day. 😬

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1 big thing: E-ZPass users rejoice!

The Swanton Toll Plaza at mile post 49. Photo: Courtesy of Ohio Turnpike and Infrastructure Commission

The Ohio Turnpike last week debuted its new toll collection system, a $250 million modernization project five years in the making, funded entirely by toll revenue.

Why it matters: For the first time in Ohio, E-ZPass users will be able to drive through the turnpike's toll plazas at highway speeds on open road tolling lanes with no gates.

  • The gateless toll collection system will reduce travel time for the 74% of drivers who use E-ZPass along the 241-mile stretch of highway, which includes portions of Interstates 90, 80 and 76.
  • E-ZPass is accepted in 17 states, including Indiana, Illinois, Kentucky, West Virginia, Pennsylvania and New York.

Between the lines: The long-awaited revamp just missed waves of eclipse traffic. Visitors last week lamented long tollbooth lines on their way out of the state Monday and Tuesday.

State of play: Two new plazas at milepost 49, in Lucas County, and at milepost 211, in Trumbull County mark the ends of the new tolled system.

Zoom in: Nine plazas, located in Williams, Fulton, Trumbull and Mahoning counties, will no longer require tolls or have staff on site.

By the numbers: The overall number of toll plazas has been reduced from 31 to 24, and new flat rates are now in effect at the Westgate and Eastgate plazas.

  • Toll rates per mile will not change on the new system.

The fine print: Non-E-ZPass owners should still use gated booths, where cash or credit cards are accepted. If they don't, they'll be billed at a higher rate and will receive a mailed invoice with their unpaid tolls.

  • Payments not received within 30 days will accrue an additional $5 charge per unpaid toll.

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2. Greyhound considering Stephanie Tubbs Jones

On the corner of Prospect Avenue and East 21st Street. Photo: Sam Allard/Axios

Barons Bus, the Northeast Ohio charter bus company, is in discussions with the Greater Cleveland Regional Transit Authority to lease a portion of the Stephanie Tubbs Jones Transit Center downtown to relocate the local Greyhound Bus operation, Axios has learned.

Why it matters: The proposed new location, on the campus of Cleveland State University, is less than a mile from Greyhound's historic terminal on Chester Avenue, which was recently sold to the Playhouse Square Foundation.

  • A central location would be convenient for the thousands of Greyhound riders who depart from Cleveland every year, who tend to be younger and lower-income than other travelers.

The latest: An RTA spokesperson confirmed to Axios that the Puritas Rapid Station, which had previously been discussed as a new location for Greyhound, is no longer under consideration.

  • Stephanie Tubbs Jones would have been used for a select number of daily departures, even if the Puritas plans progressed, Axios reported last fall.
  • The newest development was first reported by

Between the lines: Unlike the Puritas Rapid Station and other sites nationwide where Greyhound has operated after the historic stations have been sold, the downtown transit center has bathrooms.

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3. The Terminal: Secret lives, public headlines

Illustration: Allie Carl/Axios

📇 Bill Kelly, the adult programming manager for the Cuyahoga County Public Library, appears in novelist James Patterson's latest book, "The Secret Lives of Booksellers and Librarians." (Ideastream)

📚 Clevo Books, the downtown bookstore specializing in works in translation, will relocate to the former Rise Nation space at 1030 Euclid Avenue later this month. (Cleveland Scene)

🦍 The baby gorilla Jameela, who was born in Texas and brought to the Cleveland Metroparks Zoo to bond with the gorillas here, is doing "really well," according to zoo officials. (

🏓 Ace Pickleball Club is progressing on building an indoor facility at the former Bed Bath & Beyond location in Solon, with plans for a fall opening. (Crain's Cleveland Business)

4. ğŸŽ¬ CIFF Streams

"The Last Video Store." Photo: Courtesy of Blue Finch Films/CIFF

The 48th annual Cleveland International Film Festival may be over, but you can still watch its films.

Driving the news: CIFF Streams began over the weekend and allows you to watch some of the films from this year's selection online through Sunday.

How it works: You can stream an individual film for $14 or purchase an online pass to all of them for $300.

  • Here are some movies you may want to check out:

☮️ "A Binding Truth"

The intrigue: The documentary follows former high school classmates — one Black, one white — with the same last name, who discover a connection that dates back to the days of slavery.

🤱 "American Delivery"

The intrigue: The documentary got its world premiere at this year's CIFF and focuses on community nurses from Northeast Ohio who look to address the country's high maternal mortality rates.

🥇 "Athletes of War"

The intrigue: Another CIFF world premiere, the documentary follows the Ukrainian athletes preparing for the 2024 Olympics while their country is at war with Russia.

🥊 "The Featherweight"

The intrigue: The film stars actor and Ohio resident James Madio as legendary boxer Willie Pep, one of the great defensive fighters of all time.

📉 "Gradually, Then Suddenly: The Bankruptcy of Detroit"

The intrigue: This documentary examines how Detroit's economy fell apart in 2013 and the contentious efforts to bring the city back to life.

📼 "The Last Video Store"

The intrigue: A clerk and his customers at Canada's last remaining video store must use their horror movie knowledge to fight off threats that come out of a cursed B-movie videotape.

Four more films to stream

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5. 📸 Capturing Cleveland

Photo of a total solar eclipse at its peak.
Eclipse over Cleveland. Photo: Kirby Lee/Getty Images

This week's photo was taken by Kirby Lee (@kirby_lee), who photographed the eclipse over Cleveland Hopkins International Airport on April 8.

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