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Happy Tuesday! Today is National Licorice Day. We're assuming that includes the Super Ropes that we snacked on as kids. If not, we will not celebrate!

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1 big thing: Carjackings by neighborhood

Chicago carjackings, 2022
Data: City of Chicago. Map: Sara Wise/Axios

Chicago has seen fewer shootings in the first four months of 2022 than this time last year, but carjackings are still on the rise.

Why it matters: Residents were shaken by the explosion of carjacking incidents in 2021, as the city reported over 1,800 carjackings for the calendar year.

By the numbers: Austin & West Garfield Park on the West Side reported the highest number of carjackings — 70 combined.

  • Englewood topped the South Side neighborhoods (32).
  • River North led the North Side (33).
  • And the South Loop had 26.

Context: CPD says half the arrests for stolen vehicles are people under 20.

  • But according to the Chicago Crime Lab, CPD makes an arrest on just 11% of carjacking incidents, meaning the age data could be a bit skewed.

What they're saying: "Our juvenile courts are having a very tough time holding them for very long," CPD Supt. David Brown told WBBM radio. "No one has the appetite in the juvenile court system to incarcerate our young people."

What's next: The city last week announced a home camera rebate program to increase resident surveillance.

2. White Sox come on home

Photo of a huge American flag on the field of a baseball game.

The White Sox home opener at then-U.S. Cellular Field in April 2015. Photo: Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

The defending AL Central champion White Sox welcome the Seattle Mariners to Guaranteed Rate Field today for the 2022 home opener.

  • First pitch is scheduled for 3:10pm.

Context: The White Sox have become the best ticket in town after two-straight playoff appearances.

  • Fans gather at the ballpark early to set up grills, games, and patio furniture for a tailgate experience that is unique to the South Side — Wrigley Field parking is spread out and at a premium.

Driving the news: The Sox have upgraded this year's ballpark menu, which includes Rainbow Cones and churro milkshakes.

What they're saying: "I love Opening Day because it's like a class reunion AND the first day of school," Sun-Times columnist Richard Roeper tells Axios.

  • "We reunite with old friends in the stands and cheer for the return of our favorite players — but we're also welcoming recent additions to the team who are wearing our home team colors for the very first time."

What's more: It's also a great time for the players, who get to experience an energized fan base after a long winter off.

  • "If you had a good season or bad season, Opening Day is a fresh start to a new year and you're excited to be better for yourself and everyone else," former Sox star Ron Kittle tells Axios. "During my early years, my entire family would be in the stands and support me and the team."
  • "It's a day of goals yet to be reached, and dreams yet to be filled," Darrin Jackson, Sox radio announcer and former player, tells Axios. "On Opening Day in 1994, I received my Blue Jays World Series ring in Toronto wearing a White Sox uniform. I was never more proud to wear that White Sox uniform than that day."

Good news: The weather is nice today, so don't expect to see the Sox try to gut out a win in the snow.

3. Tips and hot links

Illustration of a humongous Willis Tower looming over the earth and sending out small lightning bolts from its antennas.

Illustration: Brendan Lynch/Axios

✅ It's official: Willie Wilson is running for mayor. (Tribune)

🙋 Bueller? Bueller? Check your alderperson's attendance record at city council meetings. (WBEZ)

🍽 Local restaurants are pleading with city officials to do something about skyrocketing third-party delivery app fees. One owner says he was charged $93,000 last year. (Sun-Times)

🤬 Mayor Lori Lightfoot stopped by The Wiener's Circle last weekend. Naturally, she was roasted by the folks behind the counter. The video is NSFW. (Block Club)

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4. Reader's guide to Chicago's top dogs

Photo of a hot dog with all of the ingredients. Onions, tomatoes, pickles and sport peppers in a bun.

Classic Chicago hot dog. Photo: Monica Eng/Axios

We recently threw out the first pitches on some of our favorite Chicago hot dogs and asked for your top picks.

🌭 As always, you delivered:

Jori F: "Paradise Pup in Des Plaines has an outstanding dog."

Mike M: "You should get to the 'burbs more. Gene & Jude's in River Grove is my favorite."

  • Chris A agrees, saying, "The fries...oh those fries!"

Monica H: "Ropa Cabana (summer only) at Greenleaf and the beach offers Chicago-style and themed dogs, and the best view in town."

Emily W: "For the classic steamed dog — you can't go wrong with Byron's.

  • My go-to for a char-dog used to be Murphy's on Belmont (RIP) 😭.
  • Since moving to the NW Side a few years ago, I find all my hot dog needs (steam and char) are satisfied by Jeff's Red Hots on Cicero."

Laura B: "Bob-O’s Hot Dogs on Irving. The dog itself is simple, but the fries are fresh cut and perfect."

Rael J: "The best hot dog spot in the city is 35th Street Red Hots, just west of Sox Park. They only take cash, the fries are amazing, and they make you ring the bell of shame if you want ketchup."

Scott L: "Mustard's Last Stand in Evanston!"

Jim B: "Superdawg! Pricey, but worth it."

Tim O'Brien, president of Vienna Beef: "I love Axios Chicago. And I love any hot dog stand that serves the authentic Chicago-Style!"

Go deeper for more hot dog suggestions.

5. Where in the world is … Justin

Photo of a man standing in front of a statue and building.

Photo: Justin Kaufmann/Axios

Where's Justin?

🤔 Hint:

  • A statue fit for a King
  • But far from a kingmaker
  • Now a destination
  • About three blocks from the L station

📫 Guess where Justin is to win some Axios swag!

Our picks:

👨‍🍳 Monica is so touched that Chicago chefs Paul Kahan, Giuseppe Tentori, and Tony Priolo have gone to Poland to cook for refugees along the border with Ukraine as part of World Central Kitchen.

😠 Justin isn't happy with the way The Wiener's Circle treated the mayor. He understands the restaurant's culture is all about the insults, but it was more disrespectful than usual. Yes, the mayor didn't do herself any favors with the recent news, but it was too much.