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Situational awareness: Expect street closures early this morning until noon on Columbus Drive between Randolph and Jackson streets for the Spring Half Marathon & 10K.

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1 big thing: Foraging, preparing and cooking cicadas

Photo of a cicadas on leaves on a plate
Deep-fried cicadas plated on fresh grape leaves. Photo: Courtesy of Natasha O'Brien

πŸ‘‹ Hey, it's Monica, and I've intentionally eaten a lot of bugs over the years, but I hadn't chomped cicadas until this month.

Why it matters: As eco-conscious eaters seek more sustainable sources of protein, the already-global practice of entomophagy (insect eating) offers a prime if somewhat creepy option.

Driving the news: This year's dual-brood emergence may be the perfect time to try them.

Threat level: My daughter recently urged me to skip the bug feast based on articles about a fungal disease turning 10% of this year's brood into "hyper sexual zombie cicadas."

  • Concerned the bugs might have the same effect on me, I emailed the scientist quoted in the story, West Virginia University forest pathology professor Matt Kasson, to ask if it was OK to eat just a few.
  • "Yes," he replied, "as long as they are thoroughly cleaned and cooked, the risk of getting sick is super low."
  • Yesss!
Photo of cicadas in a jar
Cicadas that I found under logs in Walking Stick Woods on the Northwest Side. Photo: Monica Eng/Axios

Dig in: Since the critters haven't officially emerged here yet, I recently foraged six young wingless nymphs from under forest logs and popped them into a yogurt container.

  • At home, I washed the bugs and stored them in the freezer.
  • The next day, I parboiled them to make sure they were super cooked and then deep fried them with our experts at The Hideout.

The verdict: TBH, they mostly tasted like crunchy exoskeleton, but with a delightfully nutty, shrimpy, tender center.

GIF of cicadas boiling in a pot
Cicadas get a quick parboil before heading to the Axios live show. Photo: Monica Eng/Axios

What's next: The Field Museum spring lineup includes several cicada-related events, such as insect-pinning classes, a public art project, talks with scientists and a bug-inspired meal at Big Star.

2. Staff picks: Summer street festivals

Crowds take in live music on North Clark Street in Andersonville. Photo: Courtesy of Andersonville Midsommarfest

We are one week away from the nontraditional beginning of the best season of all β€” the Chicago street festival season.

The big picture: The uniquely Chicago food and music festivals close streets and erect tents and stages all the way through October.

Yes, but: If you can only do one, we recommend:

πŸ‡΅πŸ‡· Carrie: I love when the Puerto Rican Festival takes over my Humboldt Park neighborhood with music in the streets, cool cars cruising through the park and a great celebration of the Midwest's center of Puerto Rican culture.

πŸ–Ό Justin: Just one? I'm going to give some love to Hyde Park and pick the 57th Street Art Fair. The neighborhood just lost the Hyde Park Summer Fest and a few years earlier, the Silver Room Block Party. The art fair is much more subdued, but the neighborhood and its artists are worth the walk.

🌯 Monica: I am looking forward to the Argyle Night Markets on Thursdays in July and August, with food, music and games that reflect this Asian, but also very diverse, area of Uptown. Great food and a little lower key for this mature Chicago lady.

Go deeper: We put together a list of the top street festivals this summer.

3. Kaufmann Quiz: We don't call it that

The Griffin Museum of Science and Industry exterior signage will be unveiled Sunday. Photo: Courtesy of the Griffin Museum of Science and Industry

Today, our esteemed Museum of Science and Industry will become the Griffin Museum of Science and Industry, thanks to a huge donation from investor and former Chicagoan Ken Griffin.

Yes, but: That doesn't mean Chicagoans have to call it that.

  • Based on recent history, we won't.

Today's Kaufmann Quiz is designed to test your street knowledge of name changes, nicknames, colloquialisms and good ol' Chicago slang.

  • And yes, we still call it Sears.

Are you ready? 10/10 gets you a shoutout! Like Maureen P., Mary B., Aubri R., Kim A., Kerry M., Barb P., Candace C. and Neil B.

πŸ“£ If you get a perfect score today, screenshot the 10/10 and we'll call you out next week.

Take the quiz here!

4. "Turret" with Michael Shannon extended

Travis A. Knight (l-r), Michael Shannon and Lawrence Grimm in "Turret." Photo: Courtesy of Fadeout Media/Jesus Santos

A Red Orchid Theater just announced its production of "Turret" is extended through June 22.

Why it matters: The survivalist thriller starring actor Michael Shannon has been sold out for weeks, so this gives Chicagoans another shot to see the critically acclaimed actors at the Chopin Theater in Wicker Park.

Yes, but: Shannon can only stay in the role until June 16.

5. Comment section: Call me, maybe?

Illustration: Natalie Peeples/Axios

We regularly ask you to tell us your feelings about certain stories, whether it's something serious or playful. You always deliver.

Carrie's recent story on landlines elicited quite a response:

πŸ”Œ Jill G.: "Still have a landline and not giving it up until I'm dead. With the crappy cell service and all the power outages, it's the only thing that works in emergencies."

🚨 Christine W.: "I keep it for my security system. It has also been a lifesaver in the past during power outages, as it needs no charging."

☎ Sara O.: "I still own a landline, same phone # for the past 50 years!"

Edited by Lindsey Erdody and copy edited by James Gilzow.

🌞 Carrie is grabbing some sunscreen and hunting bargains at the Ravenswood Manor annual garage sale.

πŸ… Monica will be planting the last of the delicate summer veg on her porch today. She is crossing her fingers that it is finally safe.

πŸšΆβ€β™€οΈ Justin is getting his steps in today. He's willing to drive to a trail in the area. Any suggestions?